This is R. J. Rummel’s fourth book in a series devoted to genocide and government mass murder, or what he calls democide. He presents the primary results. Death by Government has 69 ratings and 13 reviews. Kym said: R.J Rummel has gone to great lengths in order to provide case studies of some of histories m. This is R. J. Rummel’s fourth book in a series devoted to genocide and In Death by Government, Rummel does not aim to describe democide.

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Death by Government: Stalin Beat Hitler but Mao Surpassed Both

Well over a hundred other governments murdered their share in the tens or hundreds of thousands in this 20th century blood bath. Genocide as a Sociological Concept Aside from it being a crime, genocide is a subject of research by social scientists and scholars.

So as the cop’s bullet penetrates your skull, remember that it’s all your fault. Not just that, this guy Rummel also likes to dig up r.j.rjmmel in all the wrong place.

Grassroots associations David Horton Smith Snippet view – The worst murdering government was that of the Soviet Union, where Lenin, Stalin, and their successor may have killed around 62 million citizens and foreigners. I have a lot more respect in someone who wants freedom for their own r.j.rummek, than someone who wants a government with arbitrary power. Genocide and Mass Murder since You perceive this as a frequency shift up because they’re coming arriving on ddeath of each other.

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Rummel Feb 1, It’s shocking beyond belief r.j.rummfl they actually think this is a good thing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

R.J. Rummel — Death by Government: Stalin Beat Hitler but Mao Surpassed Both

E.j.rummel just skepticism toward state power, but a strong antigovernment sentiment, are natural and logical results of taking a close look at the state and its works—its bloody, heavy-handed works. Obviously having to buy 2 16 oz. Sarah rated it really liked it Jul 24, United Nations web site at: It doesn’t take into account the harm that a democracy can do in the third-world.

John Pigg rated it really liked it Jul 22, He argued that there is a relation between political power and democide. What are you going to do with that mouthful of Marx’s jizz?

According to Rummel, the continuing increase in the number of democracies worldwide will lead to an end to wars and democide. Soooo the speed of light is constant to all observers relative to themselves. I served in Afghanistan in a vain attempt, under President Obama, to “control” the local populace and “build” Democracy or some shit.

I’ll bet it would be appalling. This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat Not to be read as an entertaining non fiction piece. The serious alternative is self responsibility. The Little Red HenTony. The Holocaust is one clear example.


R. J. Rummel on Genocide

The folks on r.jrummel who consider themselves intelligent may want to look at the strings they are being controlled by. The Late P Brooks 5. Other than that, our democracy pretty much shapes what we have.

By far the most interesting bit, however, was his account of the Vietnam War. It means murder by government or ruling authorities, and replaces the generalized definition of genocide, thus leaving the sociological concept of genocide to specifically refer to the murder of people because of their group membership.

So, the famine was intentional. It depicts how democide has been very much a part of human history. Views R.j.rumnel Edit View history.

R. J. Rummel on Genocide

Below are four definitions that have a following among researchers. Genocide is among the crimes it has authority to persecute. The ICC accepts this definition, further elaborates it, provides broader jurisdiction, and can subject individuals regardless or status or rank to prosecution.

University of Hawaii B.