Read Dark Thirst by Sara Reinke by Sara Reinke by Sara Reinke for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Sara Reinke is already the author of several e-books in the romance/fantasy genre but Dark Thirst is her first foray into vampire romance in a printed format. Dark Thirst. By Sara Reinke. When Brandon Noble and Angelina Jones first met, he was an awkward teenager harboring a crush on his tutor’s.

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The Brethen are the strangest, most unquie vampires I have thhirst read about and you learn parts about them in this book as we watch one of thier own run away because he doesn’t want to be like them. The grandfather, while under pressure, it just too cruel to feel bad for.

That doesn’t make him any less appealing. The hero was unique.

Horrified by his birthright, Brandon shunned the ritual of the first kill, earning the Brethren’s lasting wrath. At one point, I almost put the book down, thinking why?

Oh, and he happens to be a vampire. Trivia About Dark Thirst The Lots of feeling from abuse as a child and was done well.

The reason I love the TV series “Being Human” especially the UK versionis because of this–the idea that we all struggle, in some ways, to fight our worser nature and fit in with society, find our place. The heroine really was the Alpha, taking care of the hero and looking out for him.

Will the strength of their love be enough to keep him safe from his family or will the happiness he’s finally found be ripped away? Brandon Noble is outrageously handsome, smart, strong, deaf and mute.

The Brethren 9 books.

Apr 25, Mary Biblophile rated it did not like it Shelves: Reinke has tried very hard to create her OWN vampire world, separate from other sources although you can maybe see some of her influences. Horrified by his birthright, Tgirst shunned the ritual of the first kill, earning the Brethren’s lasting wrath.


Story line is different Good story linedifferent take on vamps. I have to say that this reads more like an Urban Fantasy but with romance than a straight paranormal romance because of the depth of the storyline and world building.

This was a well written book. The book reads quickly reinks I was not bogged down with a reinkw of fancy made up for shock value terms.

So, he makes his escape.

Official website for author Sara Reinke

They refuse to believe that you can feed without killing the human you feed from. The action in this story gets more intense as the story progresses. Also by This Author.

She’s always considered him a kid, that is until she say him naked. The Bretheren trace their roots back to Medieval France, and live large houses on a nearly acre estate in the heart of Kentucky horse country.

But you always got the feeling that he was never going to be the macho man this genre is used to presenting. Five years later, Angelina is a streetwise cop who’s sure she’s seen it all, until Brandon comes back into her life–lean, handsome, possessing a strange, powerful allure.

Mar 31, Shayna rated it really liked it. I don’t think I truly got to know her. Brandon’s family are vicious hunters and much blood is spilled during their search for him.

Dark Thirst (The Brethren, #1) by Sara Reinke

Brandon refused to undergo his own bloodletting, not wanting to be a monster–in fact; he learned that The Grandfather was going to force him to kill Jackson and Lina his tutor, who taught him ASL and how to read and write; and his sister, whom Brandon has a crush on. The vamps were boring, sex scenes didn’t smolder, and I found myself flipping through quickly on my Kindle.

With vampire book reviews, information and author interviews. Not too impressed with this one. Lina is a no-nonsense policewoman and she instinctly knows there is something going on with Brandon.


When the bloodlust takes over, their eyes fully dilate, making their pupils take over their entire cornea, their fangs discend, and their jaws unhinge. View all 8 comments. The advanced nature of this ability no doubt brought on by the fact that he has not been able to communicate verbally to others since the age of 5 when he was attacked by burglars in his family home.

DARK THIRST: Book One in the Brethren Series

Any obstacles to their relationship are mostly from the outside. The Noble clan can be seen as a cult because of the arranged tirst with young girls who have little education and their separatism from the outside world. She is your average unbelieving human until life’s dadk crashes in on her. Describe your issue Have a question not already answered in the links at left or on our main FAQ page?

You can almost feel his pain, confusion, failures and triumphs as he struggles to find his place amid a family that seems to, for the most part, openly despise him for what they perceive as his weakness.

Plus the hero was totally different from others I’ve read about. Brandon is one of the Brethren, an ancient clan of ruthless vampires. I laughed and cried throughout the book on an unending hormonal rollercoaster ride. Though the hero is powerful in a fight, he was certainly not in charge sar the relationship.

Apr 01, Michelle Randall rated it liked it Shelves: