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Create an account if you don’t already have one, CXAW Citrix XenApp Overview CXAW Citrix XenApp Administration. SRMW XenMobile Android for Work Integration – Citrix Insider. Engineers will . CXAV-1W Citrix XenApp Administration. Citrix XenApp Citrix XenApp Administration (CXAW); Citrix XenApp Advanced Administration (CXAW); Citrix XenApp Overview (CXAW); Citrix .

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Voor alle productlijnen zijn klassikale Citrix-trainingen beschikbaar die door Citrix Authorized Learning Centers zoals Fast Lane verzorgd worden. Het volgen van een klassikale training is aan te raden als examenvoorbereiding of wanneer je, onder begeleiding van een docent, gestructureerd en met inbegrip van hands-on labs een technologie onder de knie wilt krijgen.

Fxa kan echter voorkomen dat omstandigheden het bijwonen van een training niet mogelijk maken, althans niet voor meerdere trainingen achter elkaar. Daarnaast geven sommigen de voorkeur aan een zelfstudietraject.

Citrix stimuleert blended learning. De Citrix eLearning Subscription kun je ook los bestellen. Ik geef hieronder de huidige lijst titels met korte omschrijving. Er komen steeds titels bij. Die worden automatisch toegevoegd aan de lijst zodat je ook hiertoe toegang ontvangt.

Heb je vragen over de Citrix eLearning Subscription?

Laat het fxa weten. Ik help je graag! 260 eLearning Subscription includes over 30 courses and hundreds of hours of guided learning from Citrix Education. Engineers will learn and describe the new features available on XenMobile Understand the requirements to integrate XenMobile with NetScaler Gateway and offers troubleshooting techniques that will allow you to quickly and effectively assist your customers.

Engineers will learn advanced concepts and troubleshooting techniques in the area of Netscaler Clustering. You will learn how to verify and confirm that VDA registration was successful as well as how to troubleshoot unregistered VDAs.

This module outlines the new management features such as Cxaa and Application Limits, Director enhancements including proactive Alerts and Capacity Management, updates to Machine Creation Services and numerous additions to Provisioning Services. The XenApp and XenDesktop Printing Deep Dive module provides technical insights into the architecture, configuration, management and troubleshooting of printing within a XenApp and XenDesktop environment.

Traditional application testing, remediation, migration and management are costly and time-consuming endeavors for enterprise IT. The objective of the Simplifying Application Migration with Citrix AppDNA course is to teach the value of the Citrix AppDNA application migration software, how 2066 software works and how to successfully implement it to achieve application insight and business 1d. This online course is designed specifically for learners who have limited or no previous Citrix AppDNA experience.

There is also an assessment at the end that will verify customers and partners have the skills to implement Citrix AppDNA and enable Partners to be 2066 to sell this product. This six-hour online cax provides a detailed look at AppDNA reports and app analysis for maintenance, expansion, and migrations. Students will learn to interpret AppDNA reports correctly as well as develop an app migration project plan to address amber and red apps.


Students will also gain the ability to resolve app compatibility issues within their environment by 26 AppDNA. The objective of the Citrix NetScaler Essentials and Networking course is to provide w1 foundational concepts and skills necessaryto implement, configure, secure, monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot a Citrix NetScaler system within a networking framework. This course is designed specifically for students who have limited or no previous NetScaler experience.

The objective of Implementing Citrix NetScaler for App and Desktop Solutions is to provide the foundational concepts and skills necessary to implement, configure, secure, and monitor a Citrix NetScaler system with NetScaler Gateway in a desktop virtualization environment such as one containing Citrix XenDesktop 7. This course is designed specifically for learners who have limited or no previous NetScaler experience. This course will teach you how to stand up and configure NetScaler Insight Center within an environment containing one or more NetScaler appliances.

CCA – Citrix Xenapp 6.5 – Training Resources

This course provides users fxa hands-on practice related to setting up NetScaler Insight Center to monitor virtual application, virtual desktop and web application traffic which traverses cxs NetScaler appliance. Use of NetScaler Insight Center provides enhanced visibility into web and mobile workspace environments; reducing time spent on troubleshooting performance issues. This course provides access to lab simulations not live lab environments.

The primary benefit of lab simulations is that access to these simulations are available to cxz as long as you have the course. This eLearning course teaches students how to monitor virtual desktop and application performance, analyze web traffic, identify and troubleshoot environment issues, and generate HDX Insight system health 26 for environments containing one or more NetScaler appliances.

This course provides conceptual information configuring NetScaler features related to securing access to 1 environment. Learners are provided hands-on practice configuring secure access using csa that reinforce the course content. This course is based on the Citrix NetScaler The objective of the Citrix NetScaler Traffic and Optimization course is to provide the foundational concepts and advanced skills necessary to support VXLANs in a virtual server and network environment, use caching to optimize web application delivery, set up traffic domains to support separate traffic routing on a single appliance, and leverage front end optimization features for web content.

In this module, you will learn how to configure nFactor authentication for environments with thorough authentication requirements, utilize the improve Authentication Dashboard for improved monitoring and maintenance.

This self-paced online course will equip learners with the skills needed to successfully implement this simple, affordable VDI solution — including how to set-up the VDI-in-a-Box appliance, connect servers, configure pooled and personal desktops, conduct a successful PoC, and more.

Ingram Micro Weekly e-Flash – 8 November

CWC is a set of cloud services that can be used together or individually to quickly provide secure access to mobile xxa including apps, files and collaboration. In this course, you will gain an understanding of the different packages and the use case s for each, as well as the components of a CWC solution and their functions.


This course provides the information necessary to understand which option is right for you and what the next steps are to make integrating CWC with your environment a reality. This online course acts as a guide for those moving from XenApp 6. The Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Help Desk Support course provides help desk representatives with the skills required to effectively troubleshoot and resolve user issues faster, prevent issues from reoccurring and use the proper consoles during troubleshooting to quickly determine the root cause of user issues within a XenApp or XenDesktop 7.

Students will learn the ability to troubleshoot user issues, including interpreting user needs, asking the proper questions to resolve common issues, and applying documentation practices when troubleshooting to ensure a smooth transition when escalation is necessary.

Citrix XenDesktop 7 Helpdesk Support. During this course, students will learn how to successfully manage, monitor, support and troubleshoot a XenDesktop 7.

This course provides students with the skills required to successfully deploy a complete Citrix hosted application and desktop virtualization solution in a Windows Server R2 environment. Throughout this course, students will learn how to configure an environment that includes the following Citrix components: Upon course completion, students will understand how to build a XenDesktop 7.

Discover interservice communication within the SOA architecture. This module takes you through the basic components of a PVS environment and explains the boot process for a target device. Migration made easy…through Lifecycle Management. The XenMobile Foundations learning offering from Citrix Education provides the foundational knowledge required to embark on an Enterprise Mobility transformation project. This course provides the skills necessary to describe enterprise mobility and understand mobility management.

Students with little or no Enterprise Mobility Management EMM knowledge or experience will gain an understanding of the architecture and components of a XenMobile Enterprise solution, their function, communication and considerations.

Students will also learn how to complete an enterprise mobility needs assessment utilizing enterprise mobility management use cases and gain an understanding of the processes and considerations that lead to successful adoption of enterprise mobility. Designed for XenMobile System Administrators and Help Desk professionals, this video series focuses on key skills needed for the management of mobile devices with XenMobile 9.

The series is organized into two modules: This module discusses the supported operating systems and new features released within XenMobile Finally, this module will dive into the upgrade process, which is especially important for any customer planning to use iOS 9. Deze blog is geplaatst op 1 maart door Isaac Meit. Mail will not be published required. Geef een reactie Klik hier om je antwoord te annuleren.

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