Russell’s Periodontal Indfex & CPITN Probe Seminar For Public Health Dentistry. A periodontal examination is a clinical examination of the periodontium (gums). It is routinely carried out in dentistry and allied specialties. Many different techniques are used around the world. A report by World Health Organization in led to the creation of the Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs (CPITN). Use of a special CPITN periodontal probe (or its equivalent) is recommended. For epidemiological purposes in adult populations, 10 specified index teeth are.

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Braz Dent J ; It has a ball end of diameter 0.

The validity and reproducibility of an oral rating index as a measurement of gingival health care and oral hygiene level in adults. When the operational characteristics of the CPITN were evaluated c;itn to different cutoff points of disease severity, the best balance between sensitivity and specificity appeared in the moderate category Figures 2 and 3. Periodontal status in Rio de Janeiro city Brazil.

There was no significant difference between males and females in periodontal health. Positive and negative predictive values were Int J Epidemiol ; 24 Suppl 1: These points should be considered when evaluating data from studies describing the periodontal health status of populations through these instruments. Views Read Edit View history.

Data were entered using Epi Info 6. Measures of gingival recession, tooth mobility, intensity of inflammation, precise identification of pocket depths or differentiation between supra- and subgingival calculus are not included in the CPITN. Partial CPITN included the examination of 10 index teeth 17, 16, 11, 26, 27, 36, 37, 31, 46, 47when present, for the evaluation of the sextant’s score. Int Dent J ;32; Advances in periodontal diagnosis.


Oppermann supervised the literature review, cpint in the elaboration of the protocol, supervised the data analysis, and supervised and contributed to drafting of the manuscript.

Instruments for periodontitis screening are commonly applied to populations in epidemiological studies of oral health. Understanding the performance of the instrument and specifically the assessment of its sensitivity and specificity will improve interpretations of the disease prevalence rates estimated with the CPITN.

Periodontal examination – Wikipedia

Although many of these advances are universally applicable, particular attention is given to methods and techniques that Comparing two methods of clinical measurement: Apud J Dent Res ; Several authors have proposed short tests for cpitm screening 2,4,26, Chronic periodontitis Localized aggressive periodontitis Generalized aggressive periodontitis Periodontitis as a manifestation of clitn disease Periodontosis Necrotizing periodontal diseases Cpign of the periodontium Combined periodontic-endodontic lesions.

Similares no Google Citados no Google Scholar. J Nihon Univ Sch Dent ; The FDI-WHO Joint Working Group 1 on periodontal diseases supports the use of the CPITN as an epidemiological screening procedure for periodontal treatment needs in populations and also, in a modified form for screening and monitoring of individuals by dental practitioners.

Validity of partial systems of periodontal examination in epidemiological studies.

Assesment of periodontal disease using the CPITN index in rural population in Ninevah, Iraq

Consistency and coherence of iindex dataset was systematically evaluated prior to data analysis until a previously determined pattern was achieved. BANA hydrolysis and T. Even the full CPITN version used in the present study, although examining all teeth, could be considered a partial instrument since indx multiplicity of sites is not considered for the diagnosis when a single score is applied for each sextant.


Few instruments available for periodontal screening have been validated against a standard exam, and the performance of these instruments for screening purposes is unpredictable when the disease status of the population is unknown.

This may be the most reasonable explanation for the operational characteristics observed. Stratification by age groups, disease severity, and gender was conducted.

Individuals were selected according to availability in local industries, public health centers, public services, rural unions, high schools, the university, and commercial establishments.

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Figure 1 shows the ROC curves for both versions evaluated herein. It is routinely carried out in dentistry and allied specialties. This apparently reasonable performance leaves room for an even higher rate invex false-negative results reflected by the low specificity of the test Some features of this site may not work without it.

Periodontal examination

View Statistics Show Statistical Information. Only 6 scores are recorded. The CPITN is primarily a screening procedure which requires clinical assessment for the presence or absence of periodontal citn, calculus and gingival bleeding.

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