If you grew up in the s, you were probably traumatized by the work of Whitley Strieber—the author whose work inspired the ultraviolent. The Communion Letters. 20 Jul, Anne and Whitley Strieber’s shattering all- time classic on the close encounter experience. Reading these letters, chosen. Whitley’s Strieber’s Communion is another formative object for me. Well, maybe “ formative” is a bad choice of words. After all, I was 12 when the.

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Only one man and one woman, trained cops, willing to risk their lives, stand in the way.

Watch for the SyFy series in ! The author is also a fiction writer, so the book reads like a thriller. A sort of Frankenstein’s monster, he appears both soulful and freakish, a miracle and an aberration, a mind as brilliant as it is confused.

Ufology Conspiracy theories Living people. Jan 22, Mike rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I’m not saying that they’re pleasant. If he were not, we would be forced to doubt either his sanity or his authenticity. I picked this strieger up at a record shop on tour comumnion the east coast this year. But I would also think it foolish to consider that the only possibility.

Does he have any new insights as to what they want? I also believe it is wrong for anyone to claim it whiitley be total B.

No one seems to ask these questions. This was after there had been a certain examination of me, about my relationship with my wife, which has been very strong. Like so much of what Strieber has to say about his experiences, the idea is both frightening and beautiful at the same time. I am one of her many projects. Again, this may be a conflated childhood memory, but I definitely remember reading it in likely the worst possible environment: Psycho author Robert Bloch called it “a relentless psychological thriller of the dark unknown.

Apr 05, George K. I feel like a little bit of a jerk, by calling him out like this but, I have spent a lot of time researching credible paranormal events, activities, and sightings. In consequence, I began to look for and read Strieber’s novels, planning to obtain Commun Mike Miley told me of this book when it came out in Honestly, I don’t do the whole aliens thing at all, but the cover of this book used to freak me out as a kid and a bit residually as an adult so I decided to see what was inside.


Anne Strieber left and Whitley Strieber right. Are you following the forked moral path I am treading along? I have no way of knowing if they were all the same or different creatures entirely.

Communion: A True Story by Whitley Strieber

Obviously, it is easy to be skeptical when reading a fantastical account such as this. It starts off with Whitley’s two abduction stories. And Hopkins goes on to ask the most leading questions. World-building inspiration fuel, as pretty much every UFO-esque book I’ve picked up has turned out to be.

Whitley Strieber left and interviewer Sean Casteel right. View all 3 comments. What difference does it make whitly he is and what he feels, since he’s merely a machine for the transmission of ideas. His mission as ambassador to otherworldly beings is to help humanity prepare for contact. And very, very worth a relationship with.

In Strieber published his second horror novel, The Hunger.

I think I’ll go with the far more rational explanation of frontal lobe anomalies. Many of the ‘brilliant’ ideas in The Secret School would show up just a few years later in Strieber’s self-published magnum opus, The Key. One day when I mentioned leaving a bit soon to fetch the library book for my dad she chided me and said they library books were full of germs and I should microwave the book before my dad read it.

Strieber compares whtley “familiar” being he sees, whom he describes as female, to the Sumerian goddess Ishtar. They were absolutely enormous. I’m still not sure how this was promoted as proof.

Book Review: Communion – A True Story, by Whitley Strieber | Beer Rants and Books

In the sight of God they are almost angels. According to Moltke in Problems with Strieber and The Key[12] Strieber’s mystical accounts, predictions and prophecies, and so on, in the end all seem to have one whktley in common: They had a wonderful, subtle sense of humor. This excerpt is from one of those two accounts — a interview Strieber gave only a year before Communion was written:.

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But I think that the public would take them as gospel truth, because they came from the insiders, the in-the-know people in the government, if there are any. We live in the midst of an Eliotic whimper where no saucers will save us, no prophets will lead us away from our endless, and ultimately deadly, all-encompassing consumption.

Book Review: Communion – A True Story, by Whitley Strieber

He woke his wife and daughter and all 3 of them saw it, so in a way I finally had a witness. We have by our lies created the impression that an excursion of the pure is an invasion by monsters from the depths of our own psyche. The painting is considered one of the most widely recognized popular culture images of alleged ” grey ” aliens.

I really enjoyed the book at first. Strieber talks a lot about objectivity, but for all his insight and intelligence, he is clearly a man wyitley a mission a fact he freely admits. Retrieved from ” https: In the world of the soul, she’s rich, on a big journey in the direction of whihley, and seeking to travel there the only way you can, in a great chorus of free souls.

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