Contact us. Name and surname *. E- mail *. Company *. Phone *. Country *. Following the strategy of being the main global supplier for the flexible. Register as a supplier in My Comexi and you will have the following.

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Client benefits With the My Comexi account you will always have Manuals, catalogues, layouts and quality images for all your machines You will be informed of the trainings organised by Comexi CTec Remote connection online from your machine to the Technical Service Department.

Flexo Printing | COMEXI

Comexi is a supplier of machinery and services to the flexible packaging converting industry, with a degree yroup specialization in each of its product lines. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube. Besides, internally is based around Business Units for each 5 technological and product lines. We offer unique solutions by reducing the environmental impact with solventless and water-based tape applications, as well as the usual solvent-based laminating. We have more than 36, m2 divided into three production centres in Ruidellots de la Selva Girona, SpainBrazil and Italy.

Comexi Group, a specialist in solutions for the flexible package conversion industry, held the 2 nd edition of the Grkup Suppliers Awards. Nowadays, the company is organized in 5 product lines: These speeches focused on business strategy, the role of the purchasing department in the changing global market and the supply chain.

Exclusive commercial information about your area and Comexi news and developments You will be able to download the corporate manual, our logos, quality images, catalogues, adverts and the manual for using the social networks. The holographic application is the most recent innovation that gives the converter an additional benefit with attractive and stunning designs along supermarket lines. The award in the Industrial Suppliers: At Comexi we design, manufacture and distribute global machinery solutions for the flexible packaging market and we do so through our main HQ in Ruidellots de la Selva Girona – Spainfrom Piacenza Italy and Montenegro Brazil where our three production plants are located.


A part from that, has a Service Hub and a spare parts warehouse in North Carolina, in USA, and offers immediate technical service assistance worldwide. Production, engineering, sales, administration, technical service and supply chain. Subscribe to our newsletter to get important news Subscribe.

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Retrieved from ” https: Agent benefits Through My Comexi you will have: As clients want to see the various technologies on their own premises, and be covered by a good technical service, we have various, strategically located spare part hubs and Demo Centres. In keeping with the philosophy of the founder of Comexi, Mr. The Comexi S1 DS slitter is a multi-purpose machine that will allow you to cover a large variety of repeats, up to large diameter Avinguda Mas Pins, Supplier benefits Register as a supplier in My Comexi and you will have the following: Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube.

In order to attend to and give optimum responses to our clients, we have a commercial network in over countries and a spare parts network, with immediate technical assistance available, so as to minimise the waiting time due to travelling and logistics. Following the strategy of being the main global supplier for the flexible packaging industry, at Comexi we provide the most sophisticated slitting and rewinding machines, researching and innovating constantly until we satisfy the most demanding needs of our clients and end consumers.


Company profile

Rewinder maximum diameter in Select The Comexxi Group factory comxei Brazil is a clear example of this, the flagship of the new times.

We work according to the highest quality standards, implemented by the group matrix. Comexi Group is a machinery supplier in the flexible packaging industry. Comexi guanya el Premi Respon. Comexi is made up of five product lines, each one specialising in a different conversion process: L for its effort, commitment to improvement and adaptability and growth along with the Comexi Group.

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube. Printing companies Companies of Spain.

Home My Comexi My Comexi. Login to your Account Username: Comexi, founded in by the Xifra family, has wide experience in manufacturing capital goods for the flexible packaging conversion industry. The Comexi CTec is an institution of reference in the flexible packaging industry, as a knowledge engine.

You will obtain excellent results in both quality and productivity, even in the most demanding jobs. Riudellots, with its new airport now consolidated, has become one of the fastest-growing hubs of technology and business growth in Europe.