M iss T AH E R S H AB B IR H U S S AIN of class XII – B ______ in the _ CH E Chemistry Project on STUDY OF ADULTERANTS IN FOOD I. CHEMISTRY PROJECT Submitted For Exam AISSCE TOPIC OF THE PROJECT FOOD ADULTERATION Department Of Chemistry. (chemistry project- ‘to study adulterants on food’). Date of Submission: (i). NAME- AZIZUR RAHMAN. CLASS- `12th ‘B’. ROLL No- Admn. No-.

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Infant formula produced from melamine-tainted milk killed at least six children and were believed to have harmed thousands of others. Where water might be contaminated, one is advised that ice should also be considered contaminated and should not be used in beverages. It’s harmful efect is that it is highly carcinogenic and if consumed over a continuous period of time it can also cause stomach disorders.

Chemistry Project For class 12 cbse on Food Adulteration

Now pgoject question arises that what is adulteration? The substance, which lowers or degrades the quality of food material, is called an adulterant. Experiment 3 12 VII. To differentiate t hose w ho take advantage of legal rules from the ones who commit food adulteration is very difficult. Interestingly costlier the food product, more incentive is available for evolving appropriate methods to mimic the original product with cheap alternatives.

Chemistry Project For class 12 cbse on Food Adulteration

Some of them have even been classifed as carcinogens or cancercausing substances. Here adulterant is pepperonil, ethylacetate, butraldehyde, emil acetate, nitrate, washing powder etc are not less than poison.

It gives negative test, hence is not adulterated. Insamples of wheat gluten mixed with melamine, presumably to produce artifcially chsmistry results from common tests for protein content, were discovered in many U. Papaya seeds is used as an adulterant for pepper. It includes a total of 1, records for food fraud based on a total of scholarly, media and other publicly available reports.

for my dear juniors. enjoy.: c.b.s.e class 12th project work on chemistry free download

Adeult erat ion of To sample of t urmeric Appearance of yellow lead salt s t o pow der, add conc. All adulterants such as calcium carbide and formalin are banned from use in food items -whether raw or packaged -since they are known to be toxic.


Adult erat ion of dried Add small am ount of sample Dried papaya seeds papaya seeds in of pepper t o beaker being light er float pepper cont aining w at er and st ir over w at er w hile w it h a glass rod. Here adulterant is Malachite Green To accentuate the bright, glowing green colour of the vegetable. In areas where chlorinated tap water is not available or where hygiene and sanitation are poor, one is advised that only the following might be safe to drink: For preventing it our government has made some certain commissions and laws.

Pharmacopeial Convention USP and provides baseline information to assist interested parties in assessing the risks of specifc products. Add 5ml of water and a few drops of dil. Many of these appear to be innocuous, but there is danger that the continued use of food preserved by these agents may be injurious. Here adulterant is Tamarind seeds, chicory powder used to add bulk and colour. Adulteration should be checked properly in common food items so as to save people from its bad effects.

Then we had reports of fruits, particularly mangoes, being ripened with calcium carbide and now, there are reports of fsh being made to appear fresh with formalin. Here adulterant is Papaya seeds used to add bulk.

Food-preservatives have a che,istry extensive use, which often constitutes adulteration. Butter is made more yellow by anatta. It gives most negative test, hence is not adulterated. Any jellies, which are coloured so as to simulate fner ones. Young children and senior citizens with poor immunity are more susceptible this.

Cbse class xi and xii, physics and chemistry books for sale 1. Brick dust in chilli powder, coloured chalk powder in turmeric.

Adult erat ion of chalk To small amount of sugar in a No brisk pow der, w ashing soda t est t ube, add a few drops of effervescence in sugar dil. Adult erat ion of dyes Heat 1mL of fat w it h a Appearance of pink in fat mixt ure of 1mL of conc. The safety of canned cuemistry bottled carbonated beverages, including carbonated bottled water and soft drinks is questionable nowadays.

Food frauds literally constitute a high tech industry because of the enormous economic gains inherent in adulteration. According to the authors of the paper, food fraud may be more risky than traditional threats to the food supply because the adulterants used in these activities often are unconventional and designed to avoid detection through routine analyses.


Instead of tackling adulteration and the issue of food safety, the authority appears preoccupied with issues connected with the packaged food industry. Insignifcant portions of China’s milk supply were found to have been contaminated with melamine. It is safer to drink a beverage directly from the can or bottle than from a questionable container. Salicylic, benzoic, and boric acids, and their sodium salts, formaldehyde, ammonium fuoride, sulphurous acid and its salts are among the principal preservatives.

Adult erat ion of Heat small amount of Appearance of oil paraffin w ax and veget able ghee w it h acet ic float ing on t he hydrocarbon in anhydride.

Coal-tar colours are employed a great deal, pickles and canned vegetables are sometimes coloured green with copper salts. If ice has been in contact with containers used for drinking, one should thoroughly clean the containers, preferably with soap and hot water, after the ice has been discarded. The answer is that the deliberate contamination of food material with low quality, cheap and non-edible or toxic aduletration is cnse food adulteration.

It gives positive test to small extant hence is least adulterated. Papaya seeds used to add bulk that the consumption of these could cause epidemic dropsy and severe glaucoma. Indian Public School Year: The following methods may be used for treating water to make it safe clasd drinking and other purposes. Procedure for Sampling and Analysis: Tittled the slide and observed the result. However, chlorine treatment alone, as used in the routine disinfection of water, might not kill some enteric viruses and the parasitic organisms that cause giardiasis, amoebiasis, and cryptosporidiosis.

M ajority of fats, oils and butter are paraffin clzss, castor oil and hydrocarbons.