An archive of the works by and on Chattampi Swamikal. Chattambi Swami’s religious quest and discovery, his austere simplicity and great self-denial, his humble sharing with others the light with which he was. ABSTRACT. Sree Vidyadhiraja Parama Bhattaraka Chattampi Swamikal, shortly known as Chattampi. Swamikal was a Hindu sage and social reformer.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. For, really, each has a glory that is independent of the other. His painstaking study of Tamil and Sanskrit from competent teachers outside the state gave him a command over Vedanta. He strictly adhered to the characteristic virtues of an ideal sage practising Ahimsa Non-violenceSathya TruthfulnessAsteya Non-stealingBrahmacharya Celibacy and Aparigraha Non-Acquisition as an exemplar of this mode of life.

Swami wrote many guides and commentaries on Vedanta for the common man. The wild growth around the ashram was zealously cleared and every effort was made to make Swamiji’s life comfortable.

The 21 page summing up of the essence of Christianity has received the unani- mous plaudits of Christian priests. A Perfect Jeevanmukta A Jeevanmukta is the liberated individual who while still living in the physical body is not conditioned by the limitation of his gross constitution and believes the entire universe to be the manifesation of the Absolute or his highest self.

The temple and the asram by its side attract thousands of devotees every year.

Life and work of Sri Chattampi Swamikal

At Kalur, Kantan Vaidyan had the honour of extending his hos- pitality to Swamiji. His influence widened the vision of many and imparted self-confidence to innumerable people, leaving a mark in the religious attitude of a large section of people. He had really pacified with the gestures of his hand and sent away the tiger which had pounced upon a cow. If on rare occasions they are unavoidably com- pelled to show it, their intention is not to win credit or impress others.


Sri Mahabharatam Press, Annamanada, Rs. His aid was sought to exorcise evil spirits.

The letters are arranged wsamikal without chartampi flowing into another. Swamiji’s works have contributed to the development of Kerala culture. He was in such a deep trance that he was quite oblivious of the torch- light party looking with astonishment at him. He himself would not speak about them. But whenever I have looked back and relived my short contact with the Swamigal, there is always a fragrant atmos- phere of peace and ease, love and loveliness, chtatampi springs up in my bosom.

This is an undis- puted fact acknowledged unequivocally by bothi the Swamis. Yogic control of breath; the control of vital and psychic energy in the body through regulated or chttampi breathing. He would enthral his listeners by the way in which he rendered songs in the Telugu, Carnatic and Desya styles. Among other distingui- shed persons who have been attracted to the place by its sanctity are Sri Sankar Rao Dev, Sardar K.

The training of his new disciple did not however keep him chattamp to Moovattupuzha. His marvellous power of summoning snakes and chatttampi them obey his will became a topic of common talk in the locality.

Hrdaya Kumari says that Pracheena Malayalam is not only a good example of Swamikal’s logical arguments but is the earliest example of application of hypothesis and fixed methodology for historical studies.

Of this treatise, written by him in pencil, we have got only a part in book form. He soon became an adept in the performance of every asana and an expert wrestler. He ascertained from them that Swanikal Pillai had worked out the sums for all of them. They were hopping about in his room: To pose for a photograph, to speak at public meetings, to write to the press, to acpept the leadership of any movement — these were distaste- ful to him.

For this he became the target of attack not only of orthodoxy but even of the ordinary members of his own Nair community. Birthday Centenary Published by an editorial committee Sri P.


His wanderings among the corn fields and on the shore of the majestic sea filled him with a sense of beauty and of awe and evoked a sympathetic response in chattampi poetic heart of the young man. He was a regular visitor to many temples. It was only when he remained completely inert for a time that they understood the truth. Swamiji’s relationship with boys and 27 girls was unique. The Yoga path primarily concerned with bodily purification practices which tranquilize the mind and discipline the body.

The study of Vedas was forbidden to Sudras and women, while Kshatriyas and Vaisyas could study them and Brahmins alone were entitled to their study and teaching. While stay- ing at Kumbalath, Swamiji used to spend his time at a neighbouring sarpakavu.

Swamiji’s demonstra- tion of his skill swamikak playing on the Ginjira so astonished him that he exclaimed, “Swamiji is Murugan himself. The advanced techniques of Yoga and pranayama he learnt from Atmananda Kumara Velu as also from Thycaud Ayyavu, an expert in Hathayoga. All the infirmities of old asage now attacked Swamiji’s body which the practice of yoga had made very strong.

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He had a lively sense of humour. On his way home he spent some days at Maruthwamala in solitary meditation, without food. They spoke in Sanskrit. He was an enthusi- ast of kathakali and he mastered all the mudras of that highly complicated art. His vast Vedantic knowledge helped him much in dispelling the ignorance prevalent among chattampj people.

His Message Chattampi Swamikal belonged to that rare band swwmikal religious leaders and world benefactors who led a selfless life in the midst of common people with their mundane concerns.