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Ccjl there were disagreements between trade unions, especially the Italian General Confederation of Labour CGILand the government over protection for self-employed and non-standard workers and changes to the rules on pensions. It can be said, by analogy, that the weekly rest day must be on.

The reduction in working hours can be implemented in three different ways: The main public institutions that have to be taken into consideration when talking about training are the Regions. The trend shows a progressive shift in terms servlzi strength and importance from national-level union activity to the decentralised level, in which special provisions are set for employers and employees. CNEL has the right to initiate legislation and it carries out many important functions such as drafting reports, opinions and surveys upon request of Parliament, Government or Regions diztribuzione draft acts or on relevant issues concerning economic and social policies.

Quality of public services Quality ratings for seven public services. This section briefly summarises the Italian system for ensuring skills and employability and looks into the extent of training. At the moment, national-level agreements remain the main source of regulation.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. On the other hand, previous regulations continue to be in force for workers already employed on indefinite contracts employees still covered by law no. Eurofound strives to strengthen the ongoing link between its own work and national policy debates and priorities related to quality of life and work.


If there exists a gender-based difference in the remuneration within the same company, the issue has to be tackled through social dialogue or before a court provided the non-discrimination provisions can be applied to the specific situation. Dismissal and termination procedures The provisions of the Italian Civil Code on individual dismissals were substantially modified by special laws Act no.

On the basis of what is laid down by TU to avoid situations of excessive prolongation of bargaining rounds, social partners agreed that the proposals for renewal must be submitted six months before the expiry of the NCBA.

The fee, established by CCNL, is equal to 0.

No further limitations exist in relation to the right to strike. The Italian legislation promotes the employment of people with disabilities through compulsory hiring assunzioni obbligatorie Act no.

Good skills also tend to secure better-quality jobs and better earnings.

Certain specific aspects of work, such as incentive remuneration schemes, performance bonuses, productivity standards, and special types of indemnities, are regulated at decentralised level territorial regional or provincial level or company level.

Eurofound’s Governing Board represents the social partners and national governments of all Member States, as well as the European Commission.

Following the adoption of the Jobs Act, the government enacted four legislative decrees. These provisions substantially limit certain rights of the employer. The above-mentioned provisions do not servzii to executives. Health and safety at work The overall number of accidents at work has been decreasing in recent years, both in absolute terms and compared to employment rates. Paritarian institutions deal with several issues, such as wages, skills, training, working time, and unemployment scheme benefits.

Decentralised bargaining may be implemented at provincial or local level too, as set out in the agriculture, construction, and craft sectors.

Consequently, a doctor must certify the state of illness, submitting the certificate to INPS through an online procedure. Employment rates increased in the five years considered. Life satisfaction Data source: However, since a majority of the ratings have bounced back to the levels.

Orario contrattuale, ferie e altre riduzioni orarie – dipendenti a tempo pieno

The main obligations upon the employer are as follows:. In greater detail, NCBAs support bilateral bodies by means of additional levies on employers and, in some cases, employees, and by strengthening their role in the provision of training and income support measures, and as voluntary dispute resolution bodies. You are here Home Country Living and working in Italy. Retirement age Act no. Working time flexibility is not regulated by law.


Shift work Article 1 of Act no. For instance, the share of people reporting difficulties in making ends meet has increased constantly since the first EQLS in These programmes form the basis for the European Commission’s proposals for country-specific recommendations CSRs for each Member State. I have found it difficult to concentrate at work because of my family responsibilities.

Two requirements shall exist for a strike to be considered lawful:. For the ‘No’ answer, Italy’s score is lower than the European Union score. For the ‘No’ answer, Italy’s score is higher than the European Union score.

Living and working in Italy

Finally, penalties for employers that do not abide by these rules have been increased. It also envisages interventions to reduce the administrative burden on firms and to promote work—life reconciliation. Collective agreements can provide for opening clauses.

They are interlocking parts in a multilevel system of governance that includes the European, national, sectoral, regional provincial or local and company levels.

Living and working in Italy | Eurofound

For the ‘Yes’ answer, Italy’s score is lower than the European Union score. Skills, learning and employability Skills are the passport to employment; the better skilled an individual, the more employable they are. Click to share this page to Servzii securely Tweet.

The first and only provision, untilwas contained in Article 39 of the Italian Constitution, which sets forth a single criterion based on the number of associates. For more detailed information on working time including annual leave, statutory and collectively agreed 201 timeplease consult:.