Please note that north is indicated on the maps (two maps, because of their size and aspect, have been rotated to better fit the constraints of this book). However. This is the third expansion to the Castle of the Mad Archmage megadungeon adventure. In this adventure, the characters are catapulted to a. Castle of the Mad Archmage is a lot of fun, let’s get that out in the open first. It’s a big layer cake maze of monsters and treasures and tricks and.

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Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website caastle subject to these policies. What’s more, there was an impetus to clear the dungeon and complete the quest, because, well, we were the ones there and it damn well needed to be done.

Ships to Anywhere in the world. Numenetics 3, 19 Castle of the Mad Archmage is a lot of fun, let’s get that out in the open first. But I surmised it was suppose to be “the big reveal”.

The most likely risk is a delay in receiving the artwork. How about the maze of doors? We can’t look sadly at each other and say, “We should have been more careful” because careful doesn’t seem to help any. Jan 1, – Jan 29, 28 days.

This is a truly unique opportunity to get a bit of Rachmage gaming history. It just feels so random sometimes, that going further or cutting our losses is just a bet on randomness and not a bet on our ability to leverage our skill against our diminished resources.


But where there is great peril, there is always promise of great reward, and treasures both mundane and magical await those who enter Musicland. Work written for others needs more guidance, I thf. Sign up using Email and Password. With COTMA the drive is merely to drive to keep playing and leveling, not level in the quest to do more things in the game world. Or at least, like there isn’t a handle to get on it.

Castle of the Mad Archmage

I’d rather have it all done and explained, so Th can either run with that or change it. September 8, at 9: This makes me sure I won’t buy this adventure.

Okay, what’s with that? Nor had it managed to corrode any weapons. Posted by Peter V. So, as this campaign is somewhat built around megadungeons, using this one here seemed like a good idea.

They are hexcrawls with a theme.

It just feels like “mad wizard did it” explaining random rooms that don’t have a connection to each other or any real chance to apply what you know to what will come.

We assume that’s down deeper, just because the rules generally say so. Why are the beetles there? The counter-criticism I heard of that was, it’s a framework for GMs to work with, and people who disliked it couldn’t handle that.

Castle of the Mad Archmage Poster Maps

The major action piece of the session came as they discovered the bugbear tribe living in this part of the dungeon; or rather, when the bugbear tribe discovered them. Eventually they found the other secret door, and from there found a room with a troll and a bugbear arguing in it. There is a reward for doing it right, punishment for doing it castlee, and punishment for greed, but no reason I can see that it is there in the first place.

A worst case scenario would result in commissioning new artists, which would again only indicate a delay.


I feel like I’m just taking chances instead of honing my skills. If there was something to figure out that helped us explore, that rewarded people who drew the right conclusions.

It should at least be clear to the GM what the big picture is, and what the little pieces there might be there for. The best bit about the encounter with the Barbarian Gladiator was that he could tell everyone how to get to the fifth level of the dungeon, as this one was still a little too easy.

I just didn’t see the Dude’s rug, and was thinking it must just be me. In this adventure, the characters are catapulted to a parallel tje called Musicland where musical instruments are alive, people speak in musical notes, and the King of Instruments produces melodies that embody the Platonic ideal of music itself. The adventure will be designed using the Adventures Dark and Deep rules, but will be compatible with most other old-school rules systems, 1E, etc.

I didn’t spend a lot of time with “level 1”. There are a lot of rooms that have monsters without much more detail about what the monsters are doing there, but every so often you find little details that you can turn into tye encounters.

Castle of the Mad Archmage – Greyhawk Grognard

There is mold, but why mold, and why boring beetles? It contributes to the ” Dungeon Robber ” feel some sections have – I’ll risk another room and wait for my random punishment or reward for doing so. It’s available in print or pdf:.