Developed by The Behemoth, Castle Crashers is an action-RPG video game recently released for the Xbox ‘s Live Arcade. The game centers around the. Playable Characters Castle Crashers Wiki · ‘World of Horror’ Is a 1-Bit Horror Tribute That’s Sure to Be Copied FANDOM · Character Tiers Castle Crashers Wiki. Steam Community: Castle Crashers. Amazing craftwork.

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If you are looking for something specific, please mention your region. This is a fairly simple build; the only part you might have trouble with is the top part of the head. They will be happy to help.


Want to add to the discussion? Folding – Run the back of your Xacto blade, or an empty ballpoint pen, or any similar small blunt edge along the line of a glue tab with enough pressure to leave an indent but not enough to cut it, then fold. While the papercraft are probably my favorite as I have a soft spot for them, I’m also loving that crazy drawing from a Trader Joe’s sign the artist there is toting some serious talent.

For curved parts, it is better to curl them around a round object such as a coloured pencil or your Xacto knife handle by rubbing the object against the back of the piece.

Castle Crashers | Papercraft | Pinterest | Castle crashers, Castle and Paper Crafts

I don’t really differentiate between cover and card, but I’m sure there’s a difference something about being grained a different way for more uniform printing or something, I’ve never really googled it because the paper I mentioned a few posts up has been working just fine. If possible, please include the download link [Model] for models that you’ve found online or elsewhere [Help] for any questions you might have.


I say the 2 measurements together because I’ve occasionally seen the same poundage, but different gsm I honestly have no clue how they measure these thingsso to be extra specific I state both. And yeah, I had a crush on an alien. I’m guessing that’s the case because the chart indicates a coverstock value of 65lbs correlates roughly with Log in or sign up in seconds.

I can’t wait to make these for her.

You can do this on either front of back of a piece, but front is easier. Submit a new text post. It doesn’t appear as if they are for sale, I’m sorry to say. Let’s hope someone coughs up that papercraft recipe sooner than later, because frashers desk would benefit from those little guys they can battle my Gurren Lagann Revoltech!

Apply glue with a toothpick and evenly spread a thin layer of it on a tab. caste

Use a ruler preferably metal to help. Also, the part that holds up the head isn’t used completely; I had to fold the first and third tabs into themselves to aesthetically hide them from being seen under the head. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


The sneakers, which are absolutely crazy awesome, were created by a Deviant Art user who goes under the user name of ItsmeJonas. If possible, please include the download link. Submit a new link. Some have had good results with hot glue, especially on larger models – it is quick to set and won’t cause the kinds of issues that “wet” glues have paper rippling, ink smearing. Come find me on: When posting something new, use the link flair after you’ve made your post: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

A clever gamer decided to even reinterpret my favorite character from The Behemoth’s first game, Alien Hominidusing Spore ‘s creature creator. What would you say suits this piece better, from your experience? Cutting – a self-healing cutting mat is an essential tool along with an Xacto knife or similar brand with 11 blades, paprecraft a box cutter knife. You are logged out.

Scissors can also be used by themselves, or together with a knife. Apparently Destructoid aren’t the only ones sucking castlr the developers of Castle Crashersas some of our more eloquent commenters sometimes like to say. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. What to use in general: