Cape Gelidonya formerly Kilidonia or Killidonia is a cape or headland on the Teke Peninsula in the chain of Taurus. The Cape Gelidonya Wreck: Preliminary Report*. GEORGE F. BASS. PLATES 83 Just off Cape Gelidonya, in southwest Turkey, is a row of five tiny islands. FOR PROMOTING USEFUL KNOWLEDGE. NEW SERIES-VOLUME 57, PART 8. CAPE GELIDONYA: A BRONZE AGE SHIPWRECK. GEORGE F. BASS.

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The area around Cape Gelidonya is extremely treacherous and was known in ancient times as being especially dangerous. Cape of Cape Gelidonya on the south coast of Turkey. The cape is the site of a late Bronze Age shipwreck c.

The Gape Gelodonya excavation page on the Institute of Nautical Archaeology site is an excellent resource for summaries of the artifacts, techniques and project history. Treasure hunting companies often use extremely distructive methods to recover gold from wrecks which oftn destroy the very fragile remains of the ship’s structure. Very little can be learned archaeologically from a gelixonya of gold coins, but the other artifacts, the distribution of the cargo, and the remains of the ship itself can tell us a great deal about the lives of past seafarers.

Some professional archaeologists attempted excavations of these materials, but because they were not divers themselves they did not participate directly in the excavations.

Throckmorton convinced the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology to sponsor an excavation of the site.

Several hundred broken tools were discovered, including axes, adzes, picks, hoes, shovels, etc. We began class by briefly reviewing what archaeology is and why professionalism and rigorous standards are important to the field.

Thus every few months the news media erupts with the new discovery of a shipwreck found with “hundreds of millions” or “billions” of dollars of gold and silver coins. Sgipwreck will also claim that they are the only people with the money and resources to explore these wrecks, and that if they did not excavate them, they would be lost to history forever. Sign cspe via your Institution. Some important considerations to remember regarding this excavation: The reality though is that these “billion dollar” claims are highly exaggerated.


If you have purchased a print title that contains an access token, please see the token for information about how to register your code. He would probably go shipqreck often and set up a make-shift fountry on the beach using sand, clay and stones.

In the Lycian sea are the islands of Illyria, Telendos and Attelbosa, the three barren isles called Cyprae, and Dionesia, formerly called Caretha. Archaeology essentially began after the Renaissance, when Europeans began rediscovering the past, especially the Classical civilizations of Greece and Rome. Almost invisible, its metal cargo was nevertheless seen by Bodrum sponge diver Kemal Aras in Inhe described it to American photojournalist Peter Throckmorton, who was living on Captain Kemal’s sponge-diving boat while both were writing about the sponge divers of Turkey and cataloging the ancient shipwrecks they showed him.

Sign in with your library card. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Later, in the 20th century the field of archaeology underwent many radical changes as researchers developed, discussed, and argued over various paradigms.

All signs point to a Syrian origin for the ship. Recently, Odyssey Marine, a treasure hunting company out of Tampa, Florida has received a lot of media attention due to their new television program, “Treasure Quest” on the Discovery Channel, and their recent discovery of HMS Victory.

Odyssey and other such companies promise huge returns on their investments. The Bronze Age ship at Cape Gelidonya probably hit a barely-submerged rock pinnacle near the island, then drifted to the north and west before finally sinking.

I guess their’ a sucker born every minute. Throckmorton came to know Captain Kemal of the Mandlincia sponge fishing boat. Based on distribution of the cargo, Dr.

Cape Gelidonya Shipwreck – Oxford Handbooks

The wreck late 90ft below the surface of the Mediterranean. Throckmorton arrived in the small city of Bodrum in the southwest of Turkey, built on the ancient city of Halicarnassuswhere the remnants of one of the ancient wonders of the world, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassuscan still be seen today.

Politics Urban Studies U. The captain told Throckmorton that he knew of many ancients sites that were lying on the seabed, one of which he planned to dynamite the following year. Currents were very strong, increasing the risk of kinking the air hose – which was simply a garden hose adapted for the purpose.


A Brief History of Underwater Archaeology Archaeology essentially began after the Renaissance, when Europeans began rediscovering gelidoyna past, especially the Classical civilizations of Greece and Rome. Set standards for excavation under water.

Introduction to Nautical Archaeology Notes – Cape Gelidonya

Ethusiasts around the world jumped on the bandwagon, but it took a while for archaeologists to catch onto the trend. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Cape Gelidonya shipwreck lies at the western side of the mouth of the Antalya Bay in southern Turkey.

This wreck is dated to about B. The underlying theme of this time though was the importance placed on rigorous methods, including the creation of detailed site maps and plotting the location of vape artifacts or clusters of artifacts in order to understand their relationship to each other, both in the horizontal sense distribution over a given area and the vertical sense distribution underground, which corresponds with age.

Cape Gelidonya

These ingots were gelidonyw into moulds in wet sand. The public is left with the impression that treasure hunting must be a very lucrative business. At this time, the young archaeologist George Bass was working on his PhD at the University and was sent to oversee the archaeological excavation of the site. Almost nothing of the hull was preserved.

It was located inand the excavation began in shipwrcek Peter ThrockmortonGeorge F. Unlike the mortise and tenon joints in the Khufu ship, these tenons are pegged in place, which locks them into the mortise and prevents the planks from pulling apart at the seams. Odyssey Marine claims that they value and follow rigorous archaeological standards in their excavations.