Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (Servant of the Buddha) went forth as a bhikkhu (Buddhist monk) in , at the age of twenty. After a few years of study in Bangkok, which . THE VENERABLE Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, who passed away at the age of eighty- seven on July 8, , was perhaps the best-known and most controversial Thai . Ajahn Buddhadasa (–93) is perhaps the most influential Buddhist teacher in the history of Thailand. In he founded Suan.

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Suan Mokkh carries on in the hearts and actions of all those who have been inspired and guided by his example and words. His books, both written and transcribed from talks, fill a room at the National Library and influence all serious Thai Buddhists in Siam. As the 60s developed, growing violence between the Communist insurgency and the right wing military backed by the U.

In his view, capitalism is about making money — a system of greed more interested in personal profit than the common good. Summary of his teachings prepared by Tan Ajahn for a souvenir book on the occasion of his 80 th ‘Age Teasing Day’ on 27 th May After the founding of Suan Mokkh, Buddhadasa delved into the study of all schools of Buddhism, as well as the other major religious traditions.

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu and His Practice of Dhammic Socialism

For many decades, we have lived with the massive danger of the dozens of thousands of nuclear warheads and delivery vehicles stockpiled by the different sides. I am hoping that this talk will help you gain some special knowledge about both Dhamma and skillful ways of speaking.

He was ordained at the age of twenty in and was given the ordination name Indapanno Wisdom of Indraand byhe had followed his inclinations to be closer to the forest and established Suan Mokkhabalarama The Grove of the Power of Liberation near his hometown of Phum Riang now in Chaiya, Suratthani. Buddhadasa’s writings, for example, decidedly contrast with the scholastic and highly influential Visuddhimagga of Buddhaghosa.


Dead students were hung from trees in the middle of campus, their corpses whipped and burned.

Views Read Edit View history. He was one of the few religious figures the left felt they could talk with, and he had honest discussions with both sides. His last project was to establish an International Dhamma Hermitage.

Thus, he lived immersed in natural surroundings and developed a place for others to do the same. Swearer chief translator and editor. Today, I would like to talk with you concerning the question: For such a place to work harmoniously, everyone must be motivated to do ones part.

At that same time in August he made the following vow: To be more precise, we can say that life is actually a stream of kamma This interest was practical rather than scholarly. Since the 40s, when he came to national prominence, he was one monk who had not feared to discuss politics. To lead the world out of materialism.

Ajahn Buddhadasa Indapanno – Suan Mokkh

His ecological concerns translated naturally into a preference for simplicity. He believed that human beings too can learn to live in a cooperative way with the forests, fields, and other natural environments. This page was last edited on buddnadasa Augustat English s s s s s s s No date. Courses that introduce foreigners to correct understanding of Buddhist principles and practice.

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu – eBooks PDF

During the 70s several bloody massacres took place spurred by increasing reactionary anti-communist feeling and rhetoric.

He sought to unite all genuinely religious people in order to work together to help, as he put it, “drag humanity out from under the power of materialism. Without such intimacy, we merely have abstract notions about Dhamma, and abstract notions of our political theories as well.

The more moderate, more open-minded, from both sides sought him out. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The final stroke occurred as he was preparing notes for a talk to be given on his 87 th birthday in two days 27 May. He provided the link between the scriptural tradition and engaged buddhist practice today.


He pointed out that nature is a cooperative: The charges were proven to be untenable, but the threat was clear. In the forest, plants, animals, bugs, and germs are all doing their parts cooperatively to sustain the forest. Swearer has compared Buddhadasa to the early Indian philosopher Nagarjuna[12] and the 5th-century south Indian scholar Buddhaghosa who has “overshadowed the development of Theravada Buddhist thought” in southeast Asia.

At the same time, Marxist insurgents, radical students, activists, and peasants were equally welcome. Achan Buddhadasa passed away in after a series of heart attacks and strokes that did not deter his ability to teach.

Buddha-Dhamma for Students ]. Buddhism, however, is not a form of materialism, nor is it the kind of idealism that sees the world as just an unimportant derivative illusion. Translated from the Thai by Santikaro. Why do we need to know the essence of kamma? A collection of 12 teachings published on the occasion of Tan Ajahn’s th anniversary: State University of New York Press.

The final stroke occured as he was preparing notes for a talk to be given on his birthday in two days 27 May. Buddhadasa’s views have been “strongly criticized” [9] and rejected by many of his fellow Theravada Buddhism monks with a more orthodox view of the Buddhist Dhamma.

His books can be found in bookstores around the country and are favorites as gifts at cremations. Buddhadasa explains paticcasamupadda as the “birth” of “I” and mine through sense-contact with objects, buddhadaza the resulting vedana “feeling”tanha “thirst,” craving and upadana clinging.

The meaning of the Six Disas ,” “Agridhamma: