The Browning BDA pistol was introduced in or so as a compact and lightweight pistol for police and civilian use. The gun was manufactured in Italy. The Browning BDA has earned the following ratings for concealability, firepower, and overall suitability for concealed carry by persons with a valid CCW . The Browning BDA was designed in and offered for sale by FN Herstal. It is not a clone of the Beretta Cheetah as some believe. There are many minor.

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The bidder will then rely entirely on their own inspection for any and all hrowning or opinions given without holding the Auction Co. He did have a problem with some Fiocchi hollow points, and we suspect they may have been underpowered.

Browse All Upcoming Auctions Mountain Time Zone the day preceding the sale to make arrangements to bid via telephone. Any Bidder who is not in good standing with the Auction Co. Bidders wishing to be a telephone bidder at the time an item is being sold must contact the Auction Co.

When they come for your guns, give them the ammo first! The auction event will be held at the Auction Gallery located at E Frontage Rd Bozeman, MT, unless the announcements state otherwise and live onsite growning will be available. In the case of a disputed bid, the Auction Co. A friend of mine owns one, and he loves it.

browning bda 380 review

If the Bidder on a long gun is a current resident with correct identification from the states of Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, or South Dakota and are attending the auction, the purchaser can take possession of the long gun at checkout, only if the Bidder is approved by the NICS FFL Background Check. If a bidder contacts Auction Nrowning. Tell me about the Browning BDA. The pistol featured low profile fixed sights and was available in either polished steel or blue’d finish, with wooden grip panels.


I had the same problems with Fiocchi Super. Packing and handling of purchased lots is at the entire risk of the purchaser. She sold the pistol shortly after it was repaired. It’s a beautiful gun that is a joy to own. I remember the conversation that his only works as DAO, and he had adjusted to it. Originally Posted by gearchecker. Browbing pistol features a blue’d steel frame and slide with solid walnut hardwood stocks.

The above “like a Swiss watch” comment fit’s it perfectly.

Any bidders participating or registering for the auction agrees to be bound by and accepts these Terms and Conditions. Mountain Time Zone the day preceding the sale, Auction Co.

FN Browning BDA – Modern Firearms

Titles will be released by the Auction Co. Want to phone or mail the auctioneer? You could do far worse than the BDA! We discovered that one of the springs was mal-functioning, it was replaced and it worked fine after that. It’s a very solid pistol from what my friend said, so I would imagine it’s a pretty good pistol all around.

Live Internet or Simulcast Bidding is defined as using hosted software by a third party during the live event to relay your bids and have the software and Auction Co.

Welcome to the New Lot Closing Notification Feature Subscribing to the Lot Closing Notification for an item will trigger our system to notify you about minutes before the bca closes. What items have you won or lost? Getting notified via SMS Text Message will require you to verify your cell phone via the profile page in your account. Results 1 to 10 of The Buyer does not hold the Auction Co. It has aluminum alloy frame and steel slide.


I browninng mine to finance something else, but I’d sure think about getting another one some day. It’s about the only thing I can think of that would give him these problems, especially on a pistol that seems to be pretty much trouble free for everybody else.

Enter Keywords used in Search: By Jim in forum Long Gun Forum. Ga – I wasn’t born herebut I got here as fast as I could. So these comments must be considered heresay, and can’t be held up in a court of law.

This item is part of the auction: Telephone bidders brrowning understand that any bid the representative places on behalf of the bidder is a guarantee brodning purchase and that the bidder agrees to purchase any items won on behalf of the Auction Co.

WTB Browning ’78 or ’85 in. About the only thing you can say “bad” about it is it’s a little large for a in todays market. Browniny pistol measures 4. This terms and conditions is a legal binding agreement between the bidder and North American Auction Company hereinafter North American Auction Company will be referred to as Auction Co.

If the Bidder is successful on a hand gun and in any state other than Montana the firearm will be shipped 30 a Federal Firearm Licensed Dealer of your choosing nearest your residence. All payments must be in U.