Bosch HFM 5 Views. 3 years ago. No tags were found READ. Bosch HFM 5 READ. Show more . Robert Bosch GmbH. Automotive Aftermarket. Postfach Karlsruhe . Germany Hot-film air mass meter, type HFM 5. Bosch: – 5 way Female Compact Connector m for Bosch HFM5 Airflowsensor.

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Megasquirt Support Forum (MSEXTRA)

I was curious if anyone had found a practical use for the “negative” flow reading below 1 volt. See also MS3 manuals.

The one I’m using was used in many VWs around – or so. The integrator value would then be used to calculate the amount of fuel to inject. I noticed that some Bosch data sheets show the negative flow reading and some just show the sensor output starting at 1 volt and don’t publish the volt data at all. As far as I know bpsch MS3 firmware doesn’t support negative flow values, I’m not even sure what one would do with that info? I can supply, repair or upgrade Megasquirts in UK. The way the MS firmware works if it sees an input value below the lowest fhm5 in the table, it’ll just use the number corresponding to the lowest entry.


I do not believe that V1. Thanks for the replies. Or hhfm5 this case, in less gibberish terms, the Megasquirt will see 0 flow for all voltages of 1.

Megasquirt Support Forum (MSEXTRA) • Bosch HFM5 MAF sensor with return flow detection (View topic)

I’m hoping the HFM5 will do boscj better job. I’m curious what other’s have done with the reverse flow output of this sensor, if anything.

I will see in a week or so when I install it on my engine. Users browsing this forum: I’m considering upgrading gosch the Bosch HFM5 sensor that does have reverse flow detection.

It would be a fundamentally different way of calculating fueling. I do not expect to need the negative flow output range volt.

America needs more lerts. Google [Bot] and 3 guests. Return to MS3 General Support. The HFM2 is open to both forward ufm5 reverse flow equally whereas the HFM5 is open only to forward flow and the data sheet claims that it accounts for reverse flow. Thanks for the information! I think the HFM5 sensor and similar sensors can sense the reverse flow and take it into account and still produce a positive flow reading as long as the positive flow is greater than the negative flow.


Bosch plug – female – Receptacle – DeyTrade

You would integrate the flow, then just before the time an injector is going to fire, read the integrator then reset it. Is anyone else using one of these sensors? It also outputs a V signal but the difference is that no flow produces 1V output. Bsoch is a pretty old late 80’s – early 90’s MAF sensor that returns a V signal and has no reverse flow detection.