Back up, move, transfer, or share your BookSmart books. It’s always a good idea to create a backup file of the book project you’ve been working. I am working on an 8×10 trade book, and Booksmart appears to be a bit easier I’ve been formatting a page 8×10 project on Blurb for months now It’s not possible to convert a Standard Portrait photo paper book into an. Possible conversion sizes for your BookSmart book: Small Square can convert to Large Square or Standard Landscape size. Standard.

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To accomplish this, simply too the photos from the boxes to create a blank layout. This is great if you had a few adjustments to make and wanted to finish a book in BookWright. Now you are ready to start your next book project, in BookWright, with your favorite layouts at the ready!

To be safe, I recommend flipping through the layouts before you congert or print just to make sure. Then it finally opens!

The font switches to a tto font within BookWright. Since you are importing from an already completed and uploaded photo book created in BookSmart, you should already have an account. The second book project downloaded perfectly. In this example, I simply changed the title in the text box and updated the font style to something I wanted.


Going from BookSmart to BookWright » BOOK THIS PROJECT.

One thing that did not carry over was the text style. A while ago, I wrote about how Blurb is no longer offering BookSmart in their program offering. The first photo book I tried, it did not work. This warning lets you know that convertt might be slight adjustments convery the layouts based on updated photo book sizes. First, it has to update to get ready for BookWright. Once the file has fully downloaded, all you have to do is double click and it will open within BookWright.

Going from BookSmart to BookWright

All of the photos that were included in BookSmart project automatically carry over into the BookWright program. Finally, select if you want to save the left page, right page or the entire layout as a spread. Check your email associated with your Blurb account to find out when boomsmart conversion is ready. In my example, I selected another photo book with my favorite layouts to convert.

Learn how to be more creative with your BookWright layouts. And I recommend testing out the upload process within BookSmart at the beginning before investing time in a photo book that can no longer be uploaded for printing.


My guess is that it may affect the centering of layouts but is most likely not anything you need to worry about. After you have booismart your layouts, delete the pages you no longer need and delete the photos from from the Photos tab. This is an easy adjustment….

If this happens to you and you really need this particular book, I recommend you contact Blurb customer support.

Keep in mind, these are books that have already been uploaded from BookSmart to your online Blurb dashboard for print. This could be a very minimal read: In this email, there is the appropriate book name and when I clicked the link, a BookWright file downloaded. And when I downloaded it, the file was a text file, not a BookWright file.

But all is not lost!