Famous art and artists in Der Blaue Reiter with analysis of achievements and in Art. His woodcut cover for Der Blaue Reiter’s almanac (published in ) is. Quotes from: Preface 1 & 2 of ‘Der Blaue Reiter Almanac’, written in by Kandinsky. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is showcasing an exceptional edition of the Der Blaue Reiter Almanac (), acquired from the estate of.

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It contained reproductions of more than artworks, and 14 major articles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With whom are you visiting the museum? The first edition of the Blue Rider Almanac ran to copies, and quickly sold out.

The Blue Rider Almanac 1st Ed. * – Leicester’s German Expressionist Collection

The publication of the almanac was a collective, international and interdisciplinary undertaking. The book was an anthology containing fourteen major essays, more than illustrations and a supplement in which a number of musical scores are reproduced. Bernhard Koehler, August Macke’s uncle-in-law, assuaged Piper’s financial concerns by guaranteeing the rekter costs.

Paul Klee was also involved. The book is bound in blue kid leather and has a vignette by Kandinsky embossed with gold lead on the title page. Kandinsky contributed two articles as well as the text and stage direction [libretto] of his play Der Gelb Klang The Yellow Sound. Leicester Museums Website Tel: In they exhibited in the first German Herbstsalon. This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat The presentation of the items in the exhibition was conceived by trainee curator, Luuk Hoogewerf.

Originally conceived as the first of a series of periodicals, only the first issue was published, but it remains arguably the most important single document of pre-war Expressionism.

The lively, almost vibrating colours make it difficult to distinguish the figure from the lush landscape. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Brisk sales prompted the publication of a second edition of the book in the summer ofbut World War I ended work on the digest’s next volume. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Members of Der Blaue Reiter found a new stimulus for their work in stained glass. This work is included in the Provenance Research Projectwhich investigates the ownership history of works in MoMA’s collection. Charley Toorop, Self-Portrait, With his magazine, Arthur Lehning succeeded in presenting various facets of his time alongside each other. The Der Blaue Reiter Almanac is being presented on the basis of its genesis, at the same time dramatically exploring the revolutionary artistic ideas of the German group of Expressionist artists known as Der Blaue Reiter — The Blue Rider.

Franz Marc and August Macke were killed in combat.

As an anarcho-syndicalist, Lehning was alanac involved with political developments in Europe over the interbellum and can certainly be counted among the avant-garde of his time. For the Zachary Cale album, see Blue Rider album. Der Almanach Der Blaue Reiterin: What was the Blue Rider Almanac? Wednesday 07 February This wide-ranging selection vividly illustrated an anti-academic, open-minded, international, and tolerant vision.

Der Blaue Reiter Almanac

Wassily Kandinsky Franz Marc. How successful he was in meaningfully integrating them is debatable. He believed that politics, philosophy, science, culture, literature and the performing arts are on a single line, but more or less in this order.

With his active interest in literature, art and culture, almanad many friends and acquaintances from the art world, and with his role as publisher of the Internationale Revue i10, better known as i10, he simultaneously set himself at the centre of cultural life in that epoch.

Provenance research is a work in progress, and is frequently updated with new information. Within the group, artistic approaches and aims varied from artist to artist; however, the artists shared a common desire to express spiritual truths through their art. Audio composition by Alfred Schnittke after Wassily Kandinsky, Wassily Kandinsky first published his experimental theatre text — combining painting, music and theatre — in the Blue Rider Almanac.


If you have reoter questions or information to provide about the listed worksplease email almahac moma. The editors had succeeded in presenting an eclectic mix of material from different cultures and eras — and in doing so, demonstrated an important principle – that all authentic manifestations of almmanac could be united by their expressive form, not by their content.

In JuneVasily Kandinsky proposed to Franz Marc that the almanca men jointly produce an almanac that would serve, in Kandinsky’s words, as “the document of our modern art. Reinhard Piper was Kandinsky’s only choice for publisher, although the relationship between Piper and Der Blaue Reiter ‘s editors was at times volatile. They also published an almanac featuring contemporary, primitive and folk artalong with children’s paintings.

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Want to know more? The selection was dominated by primitive, folk, and children’s art, with pieces from the South Pacific and Blque, Japanese drawings, medieval German woodcuts and sculpture, Egyptian puppets, Blzue folk art, and Bavarian religious art painted on glass.

Display The presentation of the items in the exhibition was conceived by trainee curator, Luuk Hoogewerf. The exhibition featured the numbered copy of the deluxe edition of the Blue Rider Almanac, including its original sleeve.