Your Bizfon will transform how your business communicates, making you more available, informative and responsive to your customers. About this Manual. instructions on telephone-specific commands, like how to forward or transfer calls , or put calls on hold. This Administrator’s Guide describes Bizfon sys-. Below you can download guides and manuals for the Bizfon , Bizfon & , and Bizfon , including the Administration Guide, as well as the.

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Press to manage extensions. Apply downward pressure with bizfkn thumb to the portion of the mounting Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. This is a simple to install and easy to use system.

Bizfon 680 Owner’s Manual

Page 74 Connect all yellow cables regardless of the number of wired extensions. For multiple Bizfon s, install four quad biscuits for each switch.

Follow the prompts to select the General Setting you want to change. Page 5 Preface Congratulations on your purchase of a Bizfon! This is done by installing an optional Voice Vault card. At this point all necessary cabling should be complete for a total of 14 cables going into the Bizfon switch six blue and eight yellow cables should be connected to the appropriate biscuit locations. Page 31 To change the After Hours greeting, do the following: Recording a System Greeting Choosing Personal Language Bizgon The anglophone employee may prefer the option of hearing the Bizfon speak to them in English at their extension.


You may want to change this to reflect your time zone or changes in Daylight Savings Time.

Page 14 The system announces that it is ibzfon and manuall announces the current time and date. Voice Mail Bizfon announces how many messages you have when you pick up an extension.

When you are on one call, and another call for you arrives, you will hear a double beep. To set up Music-on-Hold, you need to con- nect an audio device, such as a CD player or a tape deck, to your Bizfon.

Page 65 Figure 3. Plan to use your current phones? The system has its own voicemail for each extension, but an individual extension can have its own, private answering machine, if you wanted.

: Bizfon Control Unit 6×8 : Pbx Telephones And Systems : Electronics

It’s true that using the actual Bizfon phones is more convenient one-touch buttons for some of these programming functions and if I were using it all day every day, then I would want one; otherwise, ,anual standard, cheap analog phones, including cordless phones, work fine.

Page of 84 Go.

Page 25 Introduction This section tells you about the ways that the Bizfon can handle incoming telephone calls. After our last one died a few weeks agowe are now looking for another system. If the screening feature is not active, the call does not bounce back to the Bizfon.


Bizfon Phone Manuals

Returns the extension’s default language to the primary language After a physical extension has been reset, the user of this extension will hear the initial setup prompt when they lift the handset. The options below do not apply to the English-only Bizfon Section 3 Setting Up and Using Extensions telephone in a conference roomor a fax machine.

Refer to the following figure as you connect your lines and extensions: Dial extensionthen enter the system password if one has been configured to access General Settings.

Page 16 Create informational messages Set up bizfoon on hold Create virtual extensions Changes that Bizfon Customer Care makes Set the Bizfon to answer a specific telephone line and ring a specific extension Disable individual extensions from making outside calls Page 74 – FCC Statement: To order a Voice Vault card, dial Incoming call handling refers to how calls are handled as they come in to the Mamual It finishes in about three min- utes.

During the call, you can put the caller on