Jihad vs. McWorld: How Globalism and Tribalism Are Reshaping the World is a book by American political scientist Benjamin Barber, in which he puts forth . Benjamin R. Barber, a political theorist whose book, “Jihad vs. McWorld,” presciently analyzed the socioeconomic forces leading to the. Benjamin R. Barber, Author, ‘Jihad vs. McWorld: Democracy As an. Rarely, as Richard Falk writes in The Great Terror War, has an event exerted such leverage .

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Your subscription to Read More was successful. McWorld, which he seems rather better at defining and attacking, is the “sterile cultural monism” we are all now benjamni familiar with; the world of “shallow but uniform” consumer culture seen in shopping malls across the developed world, and encroaching on the developing world fast.

McWorld is the term that distinguished writer and political scientist Benjamin R.

Barber argues that there are several imperatives that make up the McWorld, or the globalization of politics: Against this is the argument of those like Hasan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, railing against the “wave juhad atheism and lewdness” rolling over Egypt in the s.

The information-technology of globalization has opened up communications to people all over the world, allowing us to exchange information. As a result, he argues, different forms of anti-democratization can arise through anti-democratic one-party dictatorships, military juntas, or theocratic fundamentalism.

Jul 30, Pages Buy. The index, incidentally, could do with some improvement. Barber’s prognosis in Jihad vs McWorld is generally negative—he concludes that neither global corporations nor traditional cultures are supportive of democracy. By Benjamin R Barber. As globalization imposes a culture of its own on a population, the tribal forces feel threatened and react.


Review: Jihad vs McWorld by Benjamin R Barber | Books | The Guardian

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms jiad Use and Privacy Policy. One may expect Guardian readers in particular to raise a cheer about this. But has the author been to a PFI hospital lately, listened to a speech by Tony Blair, or stood on a British rail platform and found himself addressed as a “customer”?

If ever a commentator on the world scene was to be allowed the dubious jkhad of saying “I told you so” on September 11it was Professor Barber. Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books. See all books by Benjamin Barber. Barber is anxious to make sure we understand that by “jihad” he means blinkered, intolerant and essentially tribal fundamentalism, which has nothing to do bqrber mainstream Islam. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

I told you so

Due to globalization, our market has expanded and benjqmin vulnerable to the transnational markets where free trade, easy access to banking and exchange of currency are available.

More than just economic, the crises that arise from these confrontations often take on a sacred quality to the tribal elements; thus Barber’s use of the term “Jihad” although in the second edition, he expresses regret at having used that term. McWorld may promote peace and prosperity, but Barber sees this as being done at the cost of independence and identityand notes that no more social justice or equality than necessary are needed to promote efficient economic production and consumption.

Barber states that neither Jihad nor McWorld needs or promotes democracy. The nation-state would play a diminished role, and sovereignty mcworrld lose some of its political potency. Apr 21, Pages Buy. Also by Benjamin Barber. These diametrically opposed but strangely intertwined forces are tearing apart—and barner together—the world as we know it, undermining democracy and the nation-state on which it depends.


Jihad Vs McWorld by Benjamin R Barber – Penguin Books Australia

On the other hand, ethnic, religious, and racial hatreds are fragmenting the political landscape into smaller and smaller tribal units. To help us recommend your next book, tell us what you enjoy reading. Stay benjamun Touch Sign up. He died in It means, too, the Oklahoma bombing, the demented Protestantism of Jerry Falwell and his kind, which, he says, “no more defines Protestantism than the Taliban defines Bxrber. Barber sees Jihad as offering solidarity and protecting identities, but at the potential cost of tolerance and stability.

Critics and political leaders have already heralded Benjamin R. Love Jihad Vs McWorld?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Barber also describes through modern day examples what these ‘players’ are.

Jihad Vs McWorld

Inspired by Your Browsing History. These tribal forces come in many varieties: How Globalism and Tribalism Are Reshaping the World is a book by American political scientist Benjamin Barberin which he puts forth a theory that describes the struggle between “McWorld” globalization and the corporate control of the political process and ” Jihad ” Arabic term for “struggle”, here modified to mean tradition and traditional valuesin the form of extreme nationalism or religious orthodoxy and theocracy.

MCWORLD is an essential text for anyone who wants to understand the challenges facing us after the tragic events of September 11, gs in light of the current conflict in the Middle East.