Review of book by Koji Takaki and Henry Sakaida on history of Japanese Army Air Force planes that fought against B bombers. – Buy B Hunters of the JAAF (Aviation Elite Units) book online at best prices in India on Read B Hunters of the JAAF (Aviation Elite . B!’ No other term struck such terror in the hearts of the Japanese public during World War 2 than this single, most-hated name. It was then.

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The American B Superfortress bombing campaign against the Japanese mainland hynters the cities. The idea was to n-29 their attack with huntes searchlights, and approach the bombers from below, then shoot up into the formation.

As the bombing runs increased so did the ramming which had become a real nightmare for the Bs. Return to Book Page. Most were beheaded as soon as they were captured. The book focuses on ramming attacks, so the reader does not get an understanding of their relative importance when compared to conventional aerial attacks or to antiaircraft fire. The battle between the Bs and the Japanese fighters was on. It is full of photos of B crashes, listing the names of American and Japanese crews.

However, whereas kamikaze pilots who tried to dive into ships had no chance of living, several JAAF pilots survived B ramming attacks to fight another day.

Other English-language books on Japanese suicide attacks have little information on these Huntwrs pilots who made ramming attacks on Bs, so this well-researched book provides many details and historical photos not found elsewhere.


hunterw Several kf display the Bs’ intricate artwork, from Disney characters to bare-breasted women. Instead, only those pilots in designated special attack units are officially recognized. Osprey Publishing has published over books on military aircraft and fighter pilots, organized in series such as Aircraft of the Aces, which gives the experiences and achievements of ace fighter pilots. A third generation Japanese American SanseiHenry Sakaida has spent much of his life researching the shadowy history of the Japanese fighter pilot.

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B Hunters of the JAAF

Julio Campos added it Apr 15, This is his first volume for Osprey. Most English-language books and film documentaries consider kamikazes to include Japanese pilots who conducted suicidal ramming attacks on American aircraft.

The war continued to deteriorate for the Japanese as the first long range P escorts showed up to mark the beginning of the end for Japanese aviation. It was then only natural that the pilots who attempted to shoot these high-flying Boeing bombers out of the skies over Tokyo, Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Kobe should become known as the elite of the Japanese Army Air Force.

The term B struck terror in the hearts of jaaff Japanese public during World War II, for it was the Boeing bomber that finally brought the war to the residents of Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe, and numerous other cities in the home islands from mid through VJ Day.


The aircraft is a KiI-Tei. Also the “Dragon Killer” night fighters were fitted with twin mounted 20mm cannons angled to shoot up. On August 20, 76 Bs took off to bomb the iron and steel factories at Yawata. First, Bs performed high-altitude precision bombing through Januarybut this turned out to not be very effective when compared to the number of planes destroyed and damaged.


B-29 Hunters of the JAAF

Koji TakakiHenry Sakaida. Tom Tullis has illustrated a number of books in both the Aces and Combat Aircraft series, and was the first artist to produce material for Osprey Aviation electronically. Dobry Vojak rated it it was amazing May 03, No trivia or b-9 yet. This mission was completed with 17 maaf fighters shot down, 13 probables, and 12 damaged. It is literally an encyclopedia of the B final slaughter of the fanatical Japanese, and the end of the Japanese Empire.

Marc rated it really liked it Feb 19, The book does not give an estimated number of Bs lost due to ramming attacks, but many of the went down due to conventional aerial attacks, antiaircraft fire, and mechanical problems. As a final resort, units formed specialist ramming flights, and these proved highly successful up until the arrival of the USAAF escort fighters in April Trivia About B Hunters of t The incendiary bombs destroyed not only military targets but also over two million homes p.

Perhaps the Atomic bomb was justified considering the fanatical character of our enemy, and the unforgettable, unforgivable treatment of our POWs. The thorough research of Takaki and Sakaida on a h-29 topic resulted in this fascinating book with much information and many photos not found in other English-language publications.