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The consequent irrational behavior manifests a complete disregard for life. H e openly assigned to the poet the task of “making himself a seer. This end is possible because the life within each creature is a spark of di- vine fire. If Dario senses in the ocean the beating of a giant heart that attests to the perpetuation of life, he establishes in love and its resulting quickened heartbeats a microcosmic parallel.

Consequently, it is not unusual that the tor- toise should lead Dario to the choir of the Muses or show him where God’s will triumphs.

H e has been a stimulating colleague, an entertaining friend, a loving companion, and an unflagging source of strength. Esoteric P y t h a g o r e a n i s m in D a r i o ; s V i s i o n of t h e U n i v e r s e Though the centrality of esoteric Pythagoreanism to Dario’s poetic creation has generally been overlooked, the importance of his search for unity and harmony has not. This “deciphering” was possible because they believed the soul, by virtue of its divine origin, maintains a means of communication with the spiritual beyond.

Yo, Rufo Galo, fui soldado, y sangre tuve de Galia, y la imperial becerra m e dio un minuto audaz de su capricho. The tone of optimism and exaltation is established by the initial phrases of lines 1 and 2: If analogy turns the universe into a poem, a text made up of oppositions which become resolved in correspondences, it also makes a poem a uni- verse.

A similar correspondence is found between “la soberbia de la montana agreste” and “el ritmo de la inmensa mecanica azaharees. In the first three lines of the sonnet, Dario establishes the scene in which the underlying concepts of the poem germinate.

Dario found support for this intuitive espinqs to and poetic in- terpretation of the universe in the intellectual currents coming to him from Europe.


Or, more precisely, it was the answer of imagination and sensitivity to the positivist drought. They have the same odor as the boat that Charon uses to ferry the souls of azaharew dead across the water to the adamantine gates of Hades: This belief that God is the O n e that is everything is the foundation of esoteric Pythagoreanism and the key to Dario’s vision of unity.

As “La espiga” unfolds, Dario builds upon the elements present in the initial scene, preparing the way for thefinal,syncretic image. In Greek mythology, satyrs are woodland deities represented as m e n with the characteristics of a goat and associated with the luxuriant vital azahraes of nature.

N u m b e r was not considered an abstract quantity but an intrinsic and living nature azahades the supreme One, of God, the Source of universal harmony” p.

Venus dale conocimiento al axioma contra el valle azwhares toditito. If, as pointed out by An- gel del Rio, it was impossible for the unorthodox philosophy of Ro- manticism to take root in the orthodox and Catholic soil of Spain, it was impossible because such new ideas were inappropriate.

The religious significance of Dario’s statement unfolds through the astrological and theological reverberations of the word “signo.

Pan, a merry, musical god, resembles the satyr in that he also has goat’s horns and goat’s hooves instead of feet and lives in the wild thickets, forests, and mountains. Its impact is far more pervasive and subtle. What is espinass is its body. The germ that lies at the heart of all mineral, vegetable, and animal life is one, “un m i s m o secreto.

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The demiurge acts on behalf of the supreme being by putting into “formas” God’s concept of the world, “el enigma. The imperial expansion of the European industrial powers that re- structured the countries of Spanish America along the lines of the economic and social order of their o w n capitalist organization com- pounded this upheaval.

El agua que apacigua tu angustia. La virgen de las virgenes es inviolable y pura. Tal el hijo robusto de Ixion y de la Nube. Since the centaurs are said to have been the offspring of Ixion and a cloud, the more spiritual aspects of their character are supposedly inherited from their mother.


In Dario’s case it is well-accepted that his idea of Pythagoreanism was molded by Edouard Schure’s esoteric classic, The Great Initiates: Dario’s personally modified esoteric Pythagorean- ism forms the basis of Modernist aesthetics as well.

La Emanación Astral

As Kingsford and Maitland wrote: Through it he discovers not only the unity of all the elements of creation but also the unity of male and female and the unity of life and death. Dos seres aparecen de entre las nieblas. Et ver- b u m erat Deus. The dominant Catholic culture of Latin America left Dario with another heritage, that of guilt, which he also attempts to resolve with the help of esoteric doctrine. It is a question of a central current that constitutes a system of thought and also a system of poetic associ- ations.

El galope apresuro, si en el boscaje miro manes que pasan, y oigo su funebre suspiro. This ambivalence is reflected in the acoustical features of the poem: The forest is, therefore, taciturn as it listens to Atys’s wild shouts of pain heard in the whining of the fir-trees or to Philomela’s marvelous song.

Rufo’s anger is sensed in the predominance of emphatic hen- decasyllables and espinax the biting vocabulary of thefifteenthline, in which he voices his indignation at having been the queen’s m o m e n – tary whim. Pythagoras called this [the Great Monad, the essence of the Uncreated Being] thefirstOne, composed of harmony, the Male Fire which passes through everything, the Spirit which moves by itself, the Indivisible, great non-manifest, whose creative thought the ephemeral worlds m a k e manifest, the Unique, the Eternal, the Unchangeable hidden under the m a n y things which pass away and change.