Lama Surya Das is the author of the recent “Buddha Standard Time: ), as well as the bestselling “Awakening the Buddha Within: Tibetan. Kamalashila. ‘While numerous works on Buddhist meditation are available today, there is still a need for an Lama Surya Das, author of Awakening the Buddha Within, founder of Dzogchen Center and Dzogchen Meditation Retreats, USA. pdf – Surya Das is a. Dharma heir of Nyoshul GMT Kamala Surayya -. Wikipedia – Surya awakening the buddha within by · lama surya das.

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For these reasons, while we don’t necessarily contend it is a bad novel, we can’t recommend it as Buddhist literature unless one is willing to read it counterintuitively. It is well written, clear and moving. Here is a guidebook to enlightenment–a sourcebook of the sacred for anyone who wants to lead a more serene and beautiful life. If you are curious about Buddhism or just need an attitude adjustment yourself, you should check it out.

Once we have these skills, we can slow our lives down and discover how to live in the moment – even simple acts like washing the dishes thd drinking a cup of tea may be transformed into acts of meditation.

Feb 19, Lisa Dion rated it it was amazing.

Awakening the Buddha Within by Lama Surya Das | : Books

Das just provides readers with the context of what makes him a unique teacher. Publisher’s Summary The radical and compelling message of Buddhism tells us that each of us has the wisdom, awareness, love, and power of the Buddha within; yet most of us are too often like sleeping Buddhas.

I recommend this book to anyone searching for a spiritual direction. This book offers a complete translation of the Digha Nikaya, the long discourses of the Buddha, one of the major collections of texts in the Pali Canon, the authorized scriptures of Theravada Buddhism.

While Zen Buddhism flourished in remote monasteries, the Pure Land tradition surys adopted by the common people. Stay in Touch Sign up. Life is too short for that. This event is very significant as it took place in the heart of our nation’s capital during these decadent times as Tibetans call the current age. Jan 14, Monta rated it really liked it. This book teaches us how to awaken our basic goodness and connect with others, to accept ourselves and others complete with faults and imperfections, and awamening stay in the present moment by seeing through the strategies of ego that cause us to resist life as it is.



Shigaraki presents the core themes of the Shin Buddhist path in fresh, engaging, down-to-earth language, considering each frankly from both secular and religious perspectives.

This slim, beautifully designed volume is a Quick Start guide for living a life of joy and compassion. A favorite of Tibetans and recommended by the Dalai Lama and other senior Buddhist teachers, this practical guide to inner transformation introduces the fundamental spiritual practices common to all Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

The book is divided into three parts. This audiobook contains about a third of the written book’s content. The steps are calming, introspective, and brought me awakenimg peace.

Warm and ecumenical in tone, Koun uses the insights of Zen to bring a deeper understanding of faith.

This is the book that turned me on to Buddhism. May 28, Alda Petrocchi rated it it was amazing. Many of the key themes of the verses are presented in dichotomies or pairs, for example, grief and suffering versus joy; developing the mind instead of being negligent about one’s mental attitude and conduct; virtuous action versus misconduct; and being truthful versus being deceitful.

The American Zen teacher John Daido Loori shows us that Zen practice should include not only meditation, the study of Zen literature and liturgy, suryw moral and ethical action, but should also manifest in work, artistic, and everyday activities. Originally composed in the fifth bucdha, this new translation provides English speakers insights into this foundational text.

Interpreting such a text requires immersion in the material in its original language, as well as complete mastery of the available commentary. These three editions were produced in the middle part of the first millennium by Tripitaka Masters Gunavarman, Sanghavarman, and Yijing.

Let go of old judgments and opinions. Hakuin Ekaku Zenji was bjddha of the greatest Zen masters ever to live. Lama Surya Das, the most highly trained American lama in the Tibetan tradition, presents the first comprehensive book of Western Buddhism for the modern-day spiritual seeker.

The second focuses on the early history of Zen in China, providing overview assessments of many of the most important canonical texts that set the Zen tradition in motion throughout East Asia. If you want some practices to help you settle into meditation, you will find them here. It is written in lay man terms and easy to understand. Kevin Griffin has immersed himself in the Buddhist and Twelve Step traditions, and in One Breath awzkening a Time he gives some surprising and inspiring answers to these questions.

It is buddah reason for me finding my home in spirituality.


I personally feel very fortunate to have been at the Kalachakra for World Peace, and pray for the longevity and health of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama awaakening Tibet and all of his awakdning.

Over the years it has inspired leading American Zen teachers, students, and practitioners. Whenever I need help in dealing with a difficult situation or person or just need an attitude adjustment I return witbin it and it has never failed me.

This landmark budcha is the definitive introduction to the Buddha’s teachings – in his own words. Through compelling stories and a systematic approach, he guides the reader through creating and sustaining a lifelong practice. Always good at remembering to lighten up while enlightening up, one day His Holiness even demonstrated a small Tibetan yoga and energetic breathing exercise, usually done at the outset of meditation sessions, involving throwing the arms out and to the left and awakenning.

Once you feel comfortable with the basic principles, you will be better placed to branch out into studying varied teachings and practices.

Ziporyn puts Tiantai into dialogue with modern philosophical concerns to draw out its implications for ethics, epistemology, and metaphysics.

With the help of these paradoxes, beautifully and simply presented in this collection, Huang Po dws set his disciples on the right path. In this treasure-text, he presents in simple yet beautiful language the core principles and teachings of Zen.

Norman Waddell has spent decades reading and translating Hakuin’s vast writings. Cultivating virtue, self-discipline, integrity, and compassion in what we say and do. Mindfulness is not enough So much so that I’m looking for a guided meditation CD by this teacher.

Awakening the Buddha Within Audiobook | Lama Surya Das |

He takes you to the seminal questions quickly and illustrates and clarifies with a rush of fresh breeze and a splash of light. One of the things I like best about his approach is that there is very little to believe and very much to practice. He’s tried to answer it before, but he’s never had the help of a psychiatrist to get the message across in a context we can easily understand. Following in the tradition of The Art of Just Sitting endorsed as a “A book we have needed for a long, long time”this new anthology from John Daido Loori illuminates the subtle practice of koan study from many different points of view.

Tibetan Wisdom for the Western World,” and 10 other books.