Garmin G versus Avidyne Entegra. You’re here because you want to know which glass cockpit is better and/or easier to use: the Garmin G or the. The Entegra Release 9 from Avidyne is a total upgrade of the existing Entegra avionics suite to be found in your aircraft. During the upgrade your old PFD & MFD. Blame the folks who made the nearly inch span of SR22 panel occupied by Avidyne’s certificated, TSO’d Entegra EFIS panel: a primary.

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On the Avidyne, you must remember to set the CDI needle, otherwise the system may think you’re flying the approach as avidne back course and the autopilot will track the course in the opposite direction from what you intended. Tape displays are use for airspeed and altitude, which are located along the left and right sides of the displays respectively. Columbia and Beechcraft have fully integrated autopilots, while for others you must set target altitudes and read status information on the autopilot–though you do get warning tones if you deviate from your target altitude.

Avidyne Entegra Training // Avidyne Release 9 // Garmin | High Performance Aviation, LLC

The Avidyne has a full screen engine page on the MFD. Any different display options to be found within a page are represented as tabs and pressing the same key in your desired direction will take you through the tabs.

Differences Avidyne systems are tightly integrated with the autopilot, and you can use the PFD to set target altitudes and read autopilot status. The FMS will also intelligently analyse your flight route, graphically warning you of any discontinuities between your specified route and the airway structure. It all goes into the airplane together, as one unit, for installation simplicity. You lose the Sandel — don’t need it anymore — along with all those air- and suction-powered gyros, mechanical air-sensor instruments, engine gauges and more.

Working together, these systems are TSO’d to standards for the following instruments and gauges: Entegra Release 9 system was designed with a fully redundant dual-databus architecture that eliminates traditional “Reversionary Modes.


And that availability will allow me to spread around the blame when the time comes to upgrade our bird into the current century. Views Read Edit View history.

You–if you choose to learn and fly these systems. For the G, you need to pull out the POH to determine the percentage of power. That’s a hat trick, folks — all three of our Plastic Planes now offer pilots the same modern EFIS panel, preserving the competitive balance between the three composite birds. After reading all that, I will let you come to your own conclusion.

Following Cirrus’s February approval, Lancair in June finished certifying the Avjdyne system in the Columbiathe new all-electric version of the Columbia we reviewed three years ago as one of three composites flown in our ” Plastic Planes ” series. Here’s a summary of certified aircraft and the Glass Cockpits that they offer:.

My unbiasedness went out the window somewhere in the previous section. Flags that indicate the current function of the PFD’s eight soft keys are also shown, four on each avkdyne. Avidyne has demonstrated this with a continuous stream of hardware and software upgrades, [1] including:. These came out first on the G and recently became available on Avidyne’s Rev.

Now, looking through that list, some of what will be in your airplane largely depends upon what you want to put in there. The vertical speed indicator is to the right of the altitude indicator. Common Features There are more common features between the systems than there are differences.

The Garmin G1000 Integrated GPS vs. The Avidyne Entegra

You eliminate any guesswork from your fuel and power management settings, thanks to a system with features such as graphical engine monitoring, a “lean acquire” mode and a “percent power” display. Even when the closest up-and-comers like Garmin and Chelton eventually match the Entegra in many ways, the Avieyne does provide a benchmark against which the others will no doubt be compared.

The Avidyhe target altitude can be set with 10 foot resolution versus foot resolution on the G Likewise with avifyne attitude and heading indicators and the electronically generated skid-slip ball; no missing the tilt of an 8-inch horizon line reacting to a slight change around the roll axis or the swing of the scale from a heading change — not when the indicators are that large and bright.


Integration with all the available navigation systems, plus the autopilot and other systems, lets Entegra keep everything you need square in front of your field of view.

The easy-to-learn and easy-to-use pilot interface to be enjoyed within the Entegra Release 9 will make your life as a pilot easier, with a user interface designed to reduce your workload and increase safety. So now, the Entegra Release 9 will bring your xvidyne flight deck to the highest level yet!

Avidyne’s Entegra Release 9 | Flying Magazine

Overlaying the horizon depiction is the pitch scale acidyne used to seeing; curving across the top of the AI dntegra you see an arc showing bank angle, while a skid ball display occupies the bottom of this half of the display. A large attitude indicator is located in the upper center, and the entire width of the PFD displays a inch long horizon that tilts as the aircraft banks.

At least I won’t have to explain why to my bride and business partner. And yes we have the answer!


Flying behind the Entegra gave me the same conclusion: There are no losers in this analysis; you will love whichever one you avidjne and you will greatly benefit from it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Click photos for larger versions. Santa flies into Bowman Field, Louisville, KY, in a Waco loaded with gifts for approximately disadvantaged children. The only options available are a choice in avidynw horizontal or vertical and the Engine Data Monitoring system.