Avery CD DVD (US) CD DVD labels, Avery CD DVD (US) CD DVD label template, How to print on Avery CD DVD (US) CD DVD labels, CD. AudioLabel features an adjustable CD Label Template and DVD Label AudioLabel Free Download + CD/DVD Templates Avery and compatible. Download label templates for label printing needs including Avery® labels template sizes. Design and make your own labels with these templates. We offer a.

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You probably have your guides turned off. We’re cautioned not to print a sheet twice. No registered users and 1 guest. I found these off of the adobe developer exchange originally temlate I cringed when I opened the template for Word and realized it’d be much easier to do custom labels with Photoshop.

Then found the Adobe site, said “fuck that. I appreciate the template. You can download them directly from me. Hilarious, I made that same hand gesture when I landed on the avery page.

CD/DVD Label Templates

Am using an HP printer. On the monitor, however, all you see is one disc. And some other differences. Thank you very much for this download. You’ll know exactly the design area to work within and how to format the page for perfect printing.


CD Label Template – DVD Label Template – Free Download

Heck, MS Word and Publisher let me do that, and Acoustica’s dedicated labeling program should be better than them, right?

The problem with Word and Publisher is that the printed page doesn’t align with the label even though the Avery template number is specified. You have to re-insert the paper to do that. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Not the world’s best, but pretty good. Thanks for the post. I use Open Office, and somehow the mailing label template got screwed up and I couldn’t fix it. Guess this question can be considered closed.

That’s crap, I already had an Adobe login, so I downloaded the file and I posted it here. The templates for each zip file above support the following Avery products: This was dead simple.

I’m using the Avery template. Great template for these Avery labels. The paper sheet has two discs, one above the other. Just tell me how to edit two different discs at one time like MS does. I’m try to design some new business cards and I’m using Avery Clean Edge Business card and it would be so much easier if I had the Template to design in Photoshop instead of Microsoft word. And I wonder why what we see on the monitor isn’t the same as what we send to the printer.

I’ll be glad to keep using Acoustica.


Do you by any chance have a copy? Saved me from having to create that gay Adobe account.

Template for Avery / how to see both discs? – Acoustica User Forums

The ability to print two different labels on the same sheet at the same time would be a feature suggestion for a future update. You’re right, you have to have an account to download the file, and it is crap Sure enough, it printed only one disc, not two. I went through the same scenario. That’s because templaate disc needs to be labeled Disc 1, the other disc labeled Disc 2. Thank you so much for these.

Who is online Users browsing this avegy That is seriously retarded, I never install that software crap, I just work around it: Templage have no idea how many hours I dicked around with this before i found your site and 10 minutes later I had the job done. I am also a Mac, and I had just about given up! This is exactly what I needed for Postcards.

You sir, are the anti-dote to shitty Avery software. What a bunch of assholes.