Athletic Shorts has ratings and reviews. Bonnie said: This short story collection serves as my introduction to Chris Crutcher as an author. These six powerful short stories chronicle bits of the lives of characters, major and minor, who have walked the rugged terrain of Chris Crutcher’s earlier w. These six stories from acclaimed author Chris Crutcher are about athletes, but are not simply sports stories. Here he presents characters from some of his be.

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Angus finds a way to cope with the situation he finds himself in and sports is the reason why he gets his dream dance. This was yet another book chosen for me solely on the strength of the narration by the late, great Frank Muller.

These are some of the stories in the book that will take you back to your younger shorte and school. Mar 09, Jolanda rated it really liked it.

All of these boys learn from their beautiful but hard adventures. It has some sex references and some bad language.

His books generally feature teens coping with serious problems, including abusive parents, racial Chris Crutcher’s writing is controversial, and has been frequently challenged and even banned by individuals who want to crutcyer his books by removing them from libraries and classrooms. Throughout these 6 stories we curtcher 6 different young adult males that are facing some daunting situations. There are six different stories within this book. Crutcher decided to write these short crhtcher after many people continued to ask him about the previous characters.

Jan 14, Ashley Colleen rated it it was ok Shelves: Do you think girls would find this novel as friendly as boys would? These six stories from acclaimed author Chris Crutcher are about athletes, but are not simply sports stories. Crutcher takes serious issues head on and doesn’t ignore the fact that teenagers deal with death, love, loss, disease, and even worse. After reading Athletic Shorts, I feel like my life changed and I had gained new knowledge on real struggles that people face around the world.


In my opinion, this book was a pretty good book overall. chfis

Athletic Shorts: Six Short Stories by Chris Crutcher

Lionel’s parents hsorts younger brother were killed by his best friend from a drunken boating accident. Each of these fun exciting shorts tell a story with a different theme and moral. While poor Petey gets shoved into the problem of a teen boy fighting with a girl, read how these two settle both their problems in an amusing and mutually satisfying way.

School Library Journal Review below. Angus realizes that if he chooses to shots he will be embarrassed, and if he chooses not to attend he could be humiliated.

Mar 26, Aly Kennedy rated it liked it. I always feel like teachers and librarians try to accommodate sport-motivated boys rather than reading motivated with books about sports. The next story is about a boy who is an excellent swimmer. Six Short Stories by Chris Crutcher. He believes he has no chance with her.

Athletic Shorts

Chris Crutcher briefly immerses the reader into intense experiences that will satisfy teens and make them want more. Johnny is waiting for the day he can seek revenge on his father and that day arrives, but will revenge be as sweet as he thinks?

While reading this captivating book, I felt inspired by the realness of the characters and their stories. To top it off, he also has two sets of gay parents. The book Athletic Shorts: In the second wrestling story, it is about a boy who is friends and wrestles with the boy in the previous story.

My favorite part of Athletic Shorts: This should be a great draw for drama loving teen readers. First off, he is a little overweight and is quite often picked on for that. I’m especially glad to finally read the source material for one of my favorite movies as a kid and still to this day, to be honestAngusthough my favorite story of the collection is the sixth and final.


I really enjoyed Chris Crutcher’s short stories and was glad to know that they came from the characters and situations that he wrote in some of his previous novels.

ATHLETIC SHORTS by Chris Crutcher | Kirkus Reviews

This collection of short stories is great for people who enjoy realistic fiction, but don’t want to read a longer book. While reading this book you investigate the lives of kids who are struggling cruutcher finding themselves, and learning to deal with the mess that is called life. May 24, Annette rated it really liked it. His biggest struggle is trying to find athletid when Neal starts to destroy himself over what happened.


Pretty funny too, at least in part. Lionel has to overcome the death of his family. Angus doesn’t fit in and neither does his family, Johnny has a tough father, Petey was forced into facing a girl at a wrestling match, Lionel lost his family in a boating accident and is now an orphan, Telephone Man is a racist that may have found the light, and Louie is a boy faced with his own prejudice.

As six different stories are told by six different kids, each chapter brings you a new perspective of difficult situations. We follow him in one day of school and he tells us athletjc he goes through and how he feels about crutvher of the people that he sees there at school.

Does he win her heart? Each character ath,etic a complex realistic person with all the typical teen problems in their own ways. In most the stories, it is just mentioned or a sport is just part of who a character is and how they cope with a problem they are working through, which Crutvher think made their stories more believable and relatable.