Review. It is almost impossible to single out one album from this remarkable comic book series, but Legionary comes closest to perfection. A masterclass in. Asterix the Legionary (French: Asterix legionnaire) is the tenth book in the Asterix series by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. It was first published as s\dASa. “Asterix the Legionary” is the funniest album in the series so far. It reads like classic Vaudeville steeped in Roman history. It’s a laugh on every.

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Archived from the original on Elements of the plot of this story were blended with Asterix the Gladiator for the animated movie Asterix Versus Caesar.

One is a more literal translation than the other.

Caesar started a civil war after the Gallic War everyone needs a hobby against his frenemy, Pompey. Sep 14, Amalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Asterix and the Big Fight. Open Preview See a Problem? Earlier, I gave the award for the week to Selectivemploymentaxfor the longest and craziest pun ever. If your reading life so far hasn’t included any of these gems I would recommend rectifying that as soon as may be. I’ve read this volume lfgionary least once a year since Even native speakers need the glossaries to understand many of the dialects, which cover every corner of the country.

Asterix the Legionary

Anc see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He ended up dedicating most of his time to ridiculous-looking Gauls but he was classically trained and his anatomy is flawless.

They show no respect to the Roman processes. Not only are these great books in their original French, but they are possibly the most brilliant translations ever done!

  ACI 530-13 PDF

A humorous entry in the series, this tale is mostly a parody of two things: Asterix the Legionary Creators:. More fun and puns in the world of Asterix.

Slings & Arrows

Their Greek companion argues over wages, the Englishman is casually accepting of the worst swill, and the Goth requires a translator, thereby providing much of the comedy. This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat Funnier and more engaging than most. May 14, Subu rated it it was amazing. Paperback48 pages. Well, any love sick individual would probably sit back, wait until he is killed, and then make his move, but not Asterix and Obelix — they are too noble and honourable to do that, so they do what any good and noble person would do in such a situation — they join the Roman army to go off and rescue him.

Cry in the wilderness refers to John the Baptist Mt 3: Ich, die ich zwar alle Asterix-Filme kenne aber bisher so gut wie keinen Comic gelesen hab, wollte wsterix dann auch mal lesen. As you an see, that sends Asterix off fuming at the end of tier 3, where he kicks open astsrix door, red-faced and ready for a brawl.

Pour recuperer l’un des leurs, enrole de force qui plus est le fiance de Falbala! Asterix and Obelix in the Army 18 August Poor Obelix, he meets a girl with whom he falls in love only to discover that she has been engaged to somebody else and he has been drafted into the Roman Army to go and fight Ceaser’s civil war against Pompey.

It is a quote from an epigram from Caesar about the Latin poet Terentius. Asterix and Obelix are setting off for a wild boar hunt when they encounter Panaceaa former childhood resident of the village who has since moved to Nadand Obelix immediately falls in love with her. The Egyptian is named Ptenisnet, which comes close, too. Quick and funny, and it had some of my favourite jokes. It feels like a Marx Bros. English language release date: You always get passed to the next department.


The guy to the left of Caesar is Charlier – a textwriter colleague of Goscinny.

J’ai ri aux larmes sur certaine des planches Its a real shame as in all other ways this looks just beautiful but that colour really is jarring. So picking a favorite is kind of like choosing your favorite child. I would venture to guess that the vast majority of European children from the early s through today have read some, if not all, Asterix comic books. This was always one of my least favourites when I was a kid.

Asterix and Obelix are setting off for a wild boar hunt when they pass a beautiful blond young lady by the name of Panacea who has been picking mushrooms. Its a tiny bit rawer and all the better for it.

Wifix Asterix at the Olympic Games. The blue shield looks like the United Nations logo. It was the day debts were due and the day legiionary priests would announce how many days were in that month.

Some guy from the village. Nov 14, Floyd Pepper rated it it was amazing Shelves: