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Dec 15, Savannah Books With Bite rated it it was amazing. However, having it take place in modern times makes it so Persephone had to be that old.

And it’s a hot book topic right now, too. Well, it was a great idea executed in a very poor way.

Like a little kid. It was full of spelling and grammar errors and painful, cliched metaphors. As you can guess, we were left hanging at the end of this book.

We have a mission for you. Part of this may be because of different ways of looking at Aspnodel if I pretend that he is an original character, I can deal with his characterization better.

Honestly, these Greek gods are new to me. And with the unique twist on the story, I fell in love with it.


He was my favorite of the male Gods. Lauren Hammond knew from a young age that she was born to be a writer.

Asphodel (The Underworld Trilogy, #1) by Lauren Hammond (page 4 of 23)

Persephone is perpetually 17 years old. Jess, I’m crazy about mythology. It always intrigues asphdel to no end. I really wanted to enjoy this novel so it was a huge disappointment. She looked so peaceful, and beautiful, and Hades swore that he saw her mumble his name in her sleep.

Hammond for writing the uammond Zeus and Hades that always make people misunderstood which instantly made two stars. What is your favorite Greek myth? I am not much of a grammar police so I won’t bother commenting on her grammar but her writing style and metaphors made me hammond.

I swear, this book did not even try to make sense. An example of this: I thought that it seems ridiculous for Demeter to be immortal and pass lauten an adult but Persephone is not just a teenager but a seventeen year old it doesn’t make sense. Bookswithbite Mar 15, Persephone finds herself falling for the god who abducted her, the god who has chased her for five thousand years, a god who is none other than death himself, Hades.


Dec 06, Louisa rated it did not like it.

Asphodel (The Underworld Trilogy, #1)

She has two more novels in the works, as well as some film projects Jun 14, Kristen rated it did not like it. I am not much of a grammar police so I won’t bother commenting on her grammar but her writing style and metaphors made me gag. I love how she wrote about the gods. With also more YA cliches.

A truly unique retelling of the Persephone myth.

I like that Hades chased Persephone and that she was unaware. The author spent all this time building up a possible interesting story, and ruined it by having her protagonist do a complete That, although she herself The mythology in this was just god awful.

I have been really excited hammonx reading this book since i fund out about it.