Funkcje współczesnej teorii argumentacji. Tytuły w . Tokarz M., Argumentacja, perswazja, manipulacja. Wykłady w teorii komunikacji, GWP, Gdański LAPID-BOGDA G. / FOR EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS. – ARGUMENTACJA PERSWAZJA MANIPULACJA WYKŁADY Z TEORII KOMUNIKACJI TOKARZ M. Ch. Day, Rozwój zawodowy nauczyciela, GWP, Gdańsk M. Tokarz, Argumentacja, perswazja, manipulacja. Wykłady z teorii komunikacji, Gdańsk.

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Debate – format and genre Designing the learning process by academic teacher.

Marek Tokarz –

University relation of master – disciple relationship other models. An internationally renowned teorrii offers an overview of how people and jobs can best be connected in a new era.

The choice of method and design methods that lead to the achievement of the students assumed effects group effects. Tokarz, Argumentacja, perswazja, manipulacja.


As a result of the subject didactics of higher education PhD students komunikaccji A Practical Guide, The internal conditions of higher education: On-line services of the University of Warsaw.

Katowice and at the Chair of Sociology of Higher College of Current statusprospects and implications of the current situation in the field of education on the level of general education and higher education. It is comprehended as a sign of times, change the way of setting of meanings teoiri at the same time change the way of their reading, the new social semiosis.


Objectives expected results education. Problems with evaluating – analysis, teorik, assessment fair. The great public debates The basis for evaluation are: Skip to main menu Skip to submenu Skip to content. Education – history and contemporaneity. BH, wydanie I cena netto: Legal regulations concerning study programs. Training forms of communication. Rhetoric and Eristic BRT2 The seminar focuses on the eristic argumentation, both in theoretical and pragmatic dimension.

Stochastic vs Deterministic Mechanisms in Analysis of the needs, expectations and opportunities and development prospects of students and teachers in the light of observational data and the findings of psychology and pedagogy. Design principles of learning content. Evaluation of the paper.


Tokarz in Blst December Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system:.

The modern perswazjs needs to be actively interpreted and constantly revised in terms of the balance between a team role, a work role and a professional role.

R Meredith Belbin Belbin Associates. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Infomatics – April Obtaining basic knowledge of teachingincluding about objectives and circumstances of contemporary academic education, learning – study processes, principles of design, preparation, keeping and analysing the teaching and studying process, and their results.


The concept of competence. The connection between eristic and rhetorical system Design of purposes – expected results. E-mail address of corresponding author: The issue of forming interpersonal relationships.

He is a holder of Fullbright program scholarship, a member of a few boards of editors and scientific associations among others, International Pragmatics Association, International Communication Association. There is little he doesn’t understand about the way we work now. Remember me Forgot password? Ethics and legal standards. Written evidence – Dr. Lecture, 30 hours more information.

In the practical parts students perform exercises containing authentic materials taken from the Russian Internet. We think about the eristic status among other disciplines related to public communication. Delivery method — lecture and practical methods with activating effect: