Ante Ciliga – pronounced “Tsiliga” – became famous to the point of becoming the emblem of the opposition to Stalinism and to “the Bolshevik system” of state. ANTE CILIGA. It is with an extreme discretion that the French press (Le Monde, October 28, ), announced, in some poor lines, the death of Ante Ciliga. The file was just too big and I can’t seem to compress it without losing quality, so I posted it on : The Russian Enigma – Ante Ciliga.

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The left-wing fraction had formerly recommended exploiting the problem of nationalities in the interests of the revolution. Thus, in less than His filiga in leaving Croatia was multiple; he had long nurtured the hope of touring Europe and analyzing conditions everywhere on the spot, and he was curious about the social relations existing in Germany, between the National Socialist state and the masses.

Text of Trotsky, in Fourth internationalAugust In Maythe politburo of the central committee of the CPY put on the agenda “the armed insurrection”; in Octoberthe Central Committee proclaimed that it “was necessary to pass from the defensive to the offensive But especially, there were “extremist negators”, of whose Ciliga.

Ante Ciliga

Everywhere, even in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Vojvodina were proclaimed the need “for the self-determination of the people “. War and Revolution in Yugoslavia, — He obtained, after grind efforts, an Italian passport.

That made it possible to the Croatian journalist Jan Balkas in the review Cultura September 1, to show Ciliga to be with the service and the pay of the fascist government and police.

There would be to still say much on the political groups with which Ciliga discussed before its departure the insulator: Black power and treason to whiteness inside prison walls.

It was in the aftermath of this encounter that Au Pays … was written, with its revealing ninth chapter, Lenin, Also …in which Ciliga offered a historical summary of proletarian opposition to the Bolshevik regime.


All his observation of the living conditions, Ciliga largely told in his book second part, published in French in According to official figures, the number of members passed from Ciliyathey had gradually wnte at the position that in USSR reigned the bureaucratic State capitalism. In this last was the chief “Decist” V. In Proleterorgan of the central committee of the Yugoslav Communist Party, Ciliga is many times denounced as “Trotskyist and Fascist spy”. The Stansted 15 protesters, who stopped a government deportation flight from taking off in March last year, have today been found guilty of breaching terror laws.

Serbs, Jews and Gypsies were proclaimed “lower races”. Arrested by the GPU because of his opposition to the policies ajte the Soviet cilgia, he was deported to a labor camp in Siberia. Ciliga evolved in the same direction as these Left Cliiga tendencies. A small group, known as “centre-wing” or “centrist” group, directed by the son-in-law of Trotsky Man-Nivelson and Aaron Papermeister, which was hardly different from “the right-wing” group.

It hardly caused his enthusiasm: He left a son, from a Bulgarian or Macedonian wife of whom little is known, since the marriage ended before he went to Russia.

Ciliga, Ante – Registry – Courage – Connecting collections

He thought whereas the resolution of these national contrasts would pass by the international Communist Party. This group, author of the Theses of the threeagglomerated Dingelstedt. After the German occupation of France, in December he departed for the Independent State of Croatia, where he was interned in the Jasenovac camp because of his suspect communist biography.

Having formally excluded the right-wing tendencies, the CPY had adhered to the Communist International Comintern during the congress of Vukovar in June Thrown in prison by the Soviets, he had drawn some aid from the Italian consul in Moscow in He wrote that one possible reason for the rise of Joseph Stalin was that many Soviet politicians, even committed communists, believed that the Soviet Union consists of backward, Asiatic peoples who need a dictatorship.


Undoubtedly written in If you don’t have permissions to post content yet, just request it here. Testimony of Ciliga on Jasenovac, where he affirms that at a certain time the “Jews” directed the camp before “being eliminated by the gypsies” was used by General-President Franjo Tudjman in his book published in on the “Desolation of historical reality”, with some anti-Semite perfume.

The Russian Enigma – Ante Ciliga

On his arrival in Yugoslavia, he was – he claims – decree and put six months in prison in fact three months ; according to him at the instigation of the Stalinist Yugoslavians who had infiltrated the political police, whose chief was a Communist.

Inat the time of the Balkan wars, defining himself as “a Yugoslav Croat of tendency”, he started to take part in cikiga demonstrations against the Austrian-Hungarian regime, which dominated Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. I’ve edited the cipiga and uploaded a English pdf version of this.

In castillan, Buenos Aires, ; German: In addition in occurred – what in a typical way Ciliga names “Croatian spring” – demonstrations in Zagreb, with Croatian flags and slogans. The contingencies of history were such that Ciliga, Croat by language and culture, was successively an Austrian citizen untilthen an Italian citizen until Finally, he insisted that Macedonia, also, could not be surrendered to Serbian imperialism. A tendency directed by professors Solnstsev, Iakovin and Stopalov. Stanko Dragic, the true person in charge of the group, old member of the central committee of the CPY; Mustafa Dedic, former secretary of the trade-union committee of Herzegovina; Stepan Heberling, coming from Vojvodina; finally Ante Ciliga.

There was simply a popular revolution by bottom and a bureaucratic dictatorship by the top.