25 Years After the Transition to Democracy Jacek Czaputowicz, Anna Wojciuk. Wojciuk, A. (). Dylemat potęgi. Praktyczna teoria stosunków. Köp Empires of Knowledge in International Relations av Anna Wojciuk på Bokus. com. Dylemat potegi Praktyczna teoria stosunkow miedzynarodowych. Anna. article: Anna Wojciuk, Dylemat potęgi. Praktyczna teoria stosunków międzynarodowych, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Warszawa , pp.

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Higher education has important transnational dimensions that exist within the scope of the discipline of international relations. Globalization has been intensifying those dimensions – firstly from the point of view of the changes economies are experiencing, and secondly from the point of view of cultural encounters.

Higher education has become especially important during the current transition from an industry-based to a knowledge-based economy. Indeed, knowledge and key competencies – such as problem solving, the capacity for critical, analytical, and creative thinking, along with teamwork – are becoming the very conditions for innovations.


The capacity to innovate is crucial in global competition, as it decides who will be in the new center, the peripheries, and the semi-peripheries. The increasing focus on knowledge generates new and intensifi es already existing transnational wocjiuk, thereby bringing into relief various power dimensions.

Power is one of the focal points of research in international relations IR studies. Yet, none of the leading authorities has shown systematically either how higher education can be an element of transnational interactions, or what power dimensions those processes reveal.

Prof. Anna Wojciuk – Instytut Stosunków Międzynarodowych

This paper, referring to both the relational, process-oriented concept of power and the static one, based on resources, addresses that blind spot. How Nations Came to Compete, in: Society and Culture, Oxford ; M. Castells The Internet Galaxy: Bloorn, Raising the Pressure: Globalization and the Need for Wojcuuk Education Reform, in: Elements pour une theorie du systeme d’enseignement, Paris ; P.


Bourdieu, La noblesse d’etat: Dulemat, Boomerangs and Trojan Horses: Porter, Trust in Numbers: Lowenheim, Examining the State: Fougner, Neoliberal Governance of States: Journal of International Studies”no. Trends and Prospects, Higher Education toVol.