“Seldom have careful scholarship and book design combined to make a work as attractive as David Quint’s new translation of Poliziano’s Stanze per la giostra. Angelo Poliziano. Stanze de messer Angelo Politiano cominciate per la giostra del magnifico. Giuliano di Pietro de Medici Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Poliziano’s la Giostra. The following is an excerpt from Angelo Poliziano’s Stanze di messer Angelo Politiano cominciate per la.

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Cosimo de Medici established a Platonic Academy modelled on the classical example of Plato’s own Akademia. There he learned the classical languages of Latin and Greek. At the same time he was busy as a translator from the Greek.

And staze the spiritus mundanus interconnects the sublunary world with the translunary, a spiritus humanus interconnects the body with the soul.

The Stanze of Angelo Poliziano

His books include E pic and Empire: Poliziano was well known as a scholar, a professor, biostra critic, and a Latin poet in an age when the classics were still studied with assimilative curiosity, and not with the scientific industry of a later period.

He was the representative of that age of scholarship in which students drew their ideal of life from antiquity.

Politian spent his final years without financial or other worries, studying philosophy. Politian was born as Angelo Ambrogini in Montepulcianoin central Tuscany in In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. CIII Thence they seem to be raised toward heav- enly spheres, seated upon a silver cloud: The anima primaor Higher Soul, comprises only two faculties: This position of man is both exalted and problematic. Del Lungo f.

He offered himself to write an epic work giving an account of John II’s accomplishments in navigation and conquests. All this accounts for the unique position of man in the Neoplatonic system. There is therefore no perfect beauty on earth. This ‘Philosophus Platonicus, Theologus and Medicus,’ who seriously, half playfully patterned his life after Plato, and whose modestly comfortable villa at Careggi a gift from Cosimo de Medici purported to be the Academe redivivus [reborn Academy of Plato], was not only the life and soul but gostra the constructive mind of an informal ‘society’ which was a combination of club, research seminat and sect, rather than an Academy in the giistra sense.


This conversion into Beauty and its birth from the soul is called Venus.

But never before had an attempt been made to fuse Christian theology, fully developed as it was, with a great pagan philosophy, without impairing the individuality and completeness of either. Reason becomes involved with the experiences, desires and needs of the body as transmitted by the senses and imagination.

The king replied in a positive manner, in a letter of October 23,but delayed the commission. C You would call the foam real, the sea real, real the conch shell and real the blowing wind; you would see the lightning in the goddess’s eyes, the sky and the elements laughing about her; the Hours treading the beach in white garments, the breeze curling their loosened and flowing hair; their faces not one, not different, as befits sisters.

It would seem likely that Botticelli would have giiostra this text when he painted his Birth of Venus.

Poliziano – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Quint’s facing translation is excellent, conveying the tone and content of the poetry in prose paragraphs which reflect the octave of the original; he manages an effect which is wholly satisfying. True, Philo of Alexandria had tried to subject Judaism or rather an alloy of Judaism and Hellenistic mystery-cults to a Platonic interpretation, and it had been a basic problem for Christian thinkers to incorporate an ever increasing amount of classical ideas into the framework of their thought.

The anima secundaor Lower Soul, lives in close contact with the body, and consists of those faculties which both direct and depend on physiological functions: The soul, now, consists of five faculties grouped under the headings of anima prima and anima secunda. The Lower Soul is, therefore, not free, but determined by ‘fate.

From Marsilio Ficino he learned the rudiments of philosophy.

As angdlo universe is composed of the material world nature and the immaterial realm beyond the orbit of the moon, man is composed of body and soul, the body being a form inherent in matter, the soul a form only adherent to it. In a commentary on Plato’s PhilebusFicino presents the following discussion of the myth of the birth of Venus which Ernst Gombrich has seen as a potential source for Botticelli’s painting:.

Every human being, beast, giostar or mineral is ‘influenced’ He also educated students from GermanyEngland and Portugal.


In he won the title of homericus adulescens by translating books II-V of the Iliad into Latin hexameters. Politianus[1] was an Italian classical scholar and poet of the Florentine Renaissance. The relationships of the arts, most specifically painting and poetry, was related to a famous dictum in Horace’s Ars Poetica, “ut pictura poesis,” or literally “As painting so is poetry.

Christoforo Landino, the famous commentator of Virgil, Horace and Dante and author of the well-known Quaestiones Camaldulenses ; Lorenzo the Magnificent; Pico della ;er, who widened the intellectual horizons of the ‘Platonica familia’ by introducing the study of oriental sources, and generally maintained a comparatively independent attitude twoards Ficino; The English prose is rich, vibrant and rhythmic, while at the same time accurate and natural.

Excerpt from Poliziano’s Giostra

At 13 he began to circulate Latin letters; at 17 he wrote essays in Greek versification; and at 18 he published an edition of Giosfra. The patriarch Zachariah in the Temple: The English version, with copious explanatory notes, faces the Italian on the opposite page.

Poliziano covered nearly the whole ground of classical literature during his tenure, and published the notes of his courses upon OvidSuetoniusStatius polizizno, Pliny the Youngerand Quintilian. Earlier Florentine humanists had studied the ancient world in order to become better men and citizens.

His book cannot fail to cast new light on the Italian Renaissance in aneglo, and on Poliziano in particular. Poliziano wrote a letter to John II of Portugal paying him a profound homage:. In included, among others: Wikiquote has quotations related to: CI You could swear that the goddess had emerged from the waves, pressing her hair with her right hand, covering with the other her sweet mound of flesh; and where the strand was imprinted by her sacred and divine step, it had clothed itself in flowers and grass; then with happy, more than mortal features, she was received in the bosom of the three nymphs and cloaked in a starry gar- ment.