am fost medic la auschwitz – Căutare Google. Get this from a library! Am fost medic la Auschwitz: morți fără morminte: laboratorul și crematoriile dr-ului Mengele. [Miklós Nyiszli]. Dr. Mengele boncolóorvosa. I am writing this review not to comment on the story itself, but in response to some of the criticisms I have read about the book. Criticism #1: Dr Miklos Nyiszli was.

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It wasn’t pleasant, and it wasn’t meant to be. The horrifying details of the millions of innocents exhumed under pretentious lies were real. I’ve found that my mind muddles reading non-fiction accounts of the Holocaust with fictitious stories of it because sometimes it my mind cannot wrap itself around the fact that this horrifying event actually took place.

This documentary, the last in Weiss’ trilogy ‘Hourban’ i. Nyiszli’s account, but this book gives the reader a fairly good idea of just how demented members of the Third Reich were.

We had learned that nothing lasts and that no value is absolute. Where normally a book with this sensitive topic I would need to take breaks from my readings to process and to deal with the feelings of depression and heaviness, this book portrayed the facts in a way that made it easier to move through the book at a doctro rate.

If by chance I ever get out of this place alive, I thought, and have a chance to relate all I’ve seen and lived through, who will believe me?

It was so callous and awful and framed my reading of the first half of the book until I decided to just dispose of it in my mind and not relate it to the experience at all. I imagine there would be criticism for these prisoners for “aiding” the Nazis, but I was far from criticizing the author. I hope you all find it as important and as moving as I have. Share this Rating Title: May 15, david rated it it was amazing. This is not good literature, and does not offer or attempt to give any explanation for the behavior of the Nazi’s.


It was one thing to shock those memories back to life; but quite another thing to read a first hand account. His narrative is invaluable, as it preserves a virtually clinical dictation of what truly transpired from within the ranks. Criminal Doctors Auschwitz 6. As I read his account I began to under How does one rate a book like this?

After being rounded up, shipped off, to then an unknown destination, who can guess what went through his mind. Pana la urma sange nevinovat, de martiri a curs pe pamantul celui de-al Treilea Reich. In that capactity he also served as physician to the Sonderkommando, the Jewish prisoners who worked exclusively in the crematoriums and were routinely executed after four months. Refresh and try again.

Am fost medic la Auschwitz – Dr. Nyiszli Miklos

Eerste verslag van Vanelderen Kelly. Facts starting from Dr.

Basically it offers the facts and experience of the doctor including a first hand account of the only rebellion of the Sonderkommando, prisoners working in the gas chambers who were killed every 4 months. Nyiszli’s account, but this book gives the reader a fairly good idea of Really, I probably need a few days to digest this book before I review it, but here are some of my aam On arrival, Nyiszli volunteered himself as a doctor and was sent to work at number 12 barracks where he operated on and tried to help the ill with only the most basic medical supplies and tools.

Criminal Doctors Auschwitz () – IMDb

To say that Aushwitz is an interesting read would be a gross understatement. The atrocities that were done somehow seem a work of fiction. There are some books that you just can’t comment on. The parts about his family must have been very emotional for him, of course. It’s beyond aushcwitz imagination just to think what horrible things this doctor was m This is one hell of a book This is one hell of a book We do not know and would never know what a man is capable of doing to other man.


Jan 23, Jodi rated it really liked it. As a result, an attempt to rate the book on its literary value is not only a useless exercise but also a disrespectful one.

This is a factual retelling of something that is beyond gruesome, and even if we went so far as to call it a “plot”, rating history is a ridiculous concept. It’s a telling that needs to be told but it’s dctor a comfortable read.

Nyiszli was, basically, the man who did the autopsies, some experiments, some mu I sometimes find it terribly hard to rate Holocaust related books. That in and of itself warrants a more detached narrative. I thought that it was a book worth reading – one that made you think and ask questions. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

I always cry while reading about the Holocaust, whether the book is sentimental or not. Is survival a good enough reason to assist in such heinous experimentation, even with the rationalization that the Nazis had already killed the victims and he was just following orders where disobedience meant death?

I’m glad I read it. I am Fpst imagine sixty billion miles away and then triple it and then double it and then quadruple that from being knowledgeable on this time period and have only read a handful of books fiction and non-fiction combined about it.