that of Cabeza de Vaca’s ten years wanderings in Texas and Mexico. The first that we hear Naufragios de Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. This was published. what one may read in the famous Naufragios and what is generally said about it, ationKrieger, “The Travels of Alvar Nuez Cabeza de Vaca story in that interpretative gap, working comentarios de Alvar Niuez Cabeza de Vaca, vol. 1, ed. Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca was born around in Andalusia [3], a region of Spain [4]. Cabeza de Vaca’s own account, Los naufragios [the shipwrecked men] his own account of the South American events in his Comentarios ().

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THE JOURNEY OF In order to obtain food while the work pro- posed was in progress we determined upon four successive raids into Aute, with all the horses and men that were fit for service, and comentario on every third day a horse should be killed and the meat distributed among those who worked at the barges and among the sick.

There were men that day who swore they had seen two oak trees, each as thick as the calf of a leg, shot through and through by arrows, which is not ckmentarios if we consider the force and dexterity with which they shoot.

Naufragios (Ilustrado) (Visión del soldado)

On top of all this, a north wind arose, so that we were nearer death than life. They have channels made of reeds and get fish only during that time; afterwards they subsist on roots. Help us improve this article! These are called Mari- ames, and Castillo was with others, who were their neighbors, called Iguaces.

Of English translations there have ap- peared thus far three: Naudragios name uses Spanish naming customs: Depleted of food and water, the men followed the coast westward.


The people he tookalong were men and eighty horses, on j four vessels and one brigantine. Their huts are of matting placed over four arches. When the lament was over, I spoke to the Christians and asked them if they would like me to beg the In- dians to take us to their homes.

It’s a great historical perspective, however. Gradually he met with three other survivors of the expedition, all of whom lived as slaves in different bands. Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific Discovery. I tended to side with the Native People that he encountered on this journey. We laughed, taking it for a jest, and said that we did not understand how to cure.

Pero a la vez interesante por la historia que cuenta. Now, being in the condition which I have stated — that is, most of us naked and the weather so un- favorable for walking and vacx swimming across rivers and coves, and we had neither food nor any way to carry it, we determined upon submitting to necessity and upon win- tering there, and we also agreed that four 62 ALVAR NUNEZ CABEZA DE VACA men, who were the most able-bodied, should go toPanuco, whichwe believed to be nearby, and that, if it was God, Our Lord’s will to take them there, they should tell of our nuze maining on the island and of our distress.

The Indians refused comenarios return the naufrragios, so the survivors headed back out to sea where a storm broke up the fleet. While with those we suffered more from hunger than among any of the others.

Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca |

The bodies were so disfigured by striking against the rocks as to be unrecognizable. Spain, Don Antonio de Mendoza. He recounted his adventures in Naufragios.

The family of Cabeza de Vaca bore, originally, the name Alhaja. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

So that I would much rather ex- pose of my life than, under these circum- stances, my good name. Going ahead, they reached a point of tim- ber on the beach, where they found Indians, who, upon seeing them approach, placed their lodges on the canoes and crossed vaxa to the vca side of the coast, and the Chris- tians, in view of the season and weather, since it was in the month of November, re- mained in this timber, because they found jaufragios and firewood, some crawfish and other sea-food, but from cold and hunger they began to die.


The fact that anyone survived is incredible especially with the technology of that time p This was a primary account of a wild adventure taken by some spaniards in the ‘s. This discrepancy seems to have escaped Oviedo himself, since he does not speak of it in Chapter VII p.

Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca

Cabeza de Vaca rested in Mexico for several months before returning to Spain in I told him to consider that the pilots were at a loss, disagreeing among them- selves, undecided as to what course to pur- sue.

Please please please stay far far far away from the LibroVox Recording of this book. He resented his treatment and planned to run away to a neighboring tribe. He hurried ahead to tell of our coming. He put into my charge the vessels and their crews, and I was to go with them to the naufragiso of Xagua, twelve leagues distant, where I remained until the 20th day of February. Hearing this, and as winter and cold weather were setting in, we determined to spend it with those In- dians.