spective “exhibition” of Allan Kaprow’s Happenings, called Preced- ings, that I .. “The Legacy of Jackson Pollock” remains for some Kaprow’s sem- inal essay. ALLAN. E.S’J/f’15 0/11 TNt: I’ of A”j t1Nl> LIFE (fi”EI(K£L £. C Ul:’F c-ltLIFafl- NIA f’fi:ES..J’/ 😉 /- t. The Legacy of Jackson Pollock () The tragic news of . Allan Kaprow – The Legacy of Jackson Pollock – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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He created some magnificent paintings. The exhibition presents the Japanese artist group Gutaiwhich operated in radical ways in the borderland between painting and performance, anticipating many later artistic practices and strategies such as conceptualism, land art and installation. One colored shape balanced or modified or stimulated others, and these in turn were played off against or with the whole canvas, taking into account its size and shape—for the most part quite consciously.

Allan Kaprow

The other is to give up the making of paintings entirely—I mean the single flat rectangle or oval as we know it. This was his conscious artistry at work, and it makes him a part of the traditional community of painters. If the legaccy had to come, it came at the wrong time.

But given the proper approach, a medium-sized exhibition space with the walls totally covered by Pollocks offers the most complete and meaningful sense of his art possible. The visitors, whose tickets allocated them specific seats in each room at particular times, would then observe several different events, including a girl squeezing oranges, an artist lighting matches and painting, and an orchestra of toy instruments.

An odor of crushed strawberries, a letter from a friend, or a alllan selling Drano; three taps on the front door, a scratch, a sigh, or a voice lecturing endlessly, a blinding staccato flash, a bowler hat—all will become materials for this new concrete art.

The four sides of the painting are thus an abrupt leaving off of the activity, which our imaginations continue outward indefinitely, as though refusing to accept the artificiality of an “ending. It may be that our need to identify with the process, the making of the whole affair, prevents a concentration on the specifics kaporw before and behind so alaln in a more traditional art. Here the direct application of an automatic approach to the act makes it clear that not only is this not the old craft of painting, but it is perhaps bordering on ritual itself, which happens to use paint as one of its materials.


Surrealism attracted Pollock as an attitude rather than as a collection of artistic examples. Not satisfied with the suggestion through paint of our other senses, we shall utilize the specific substances of sight, sound, movements, people, odors, touch.

But it did not seem that Pollock had indeed accomplished something, both by his attitude and by his very real gifts, that went beyond even those values recognized and acknowledged by sensitive artists and critics. In the present case the “picture” has moved so far out that the canvas is no longer a reference point. Allan Kaprow is survived by his second wife, Coryl Crane, and by two sons and two daughters.

Occasionally Kaprow himself would be the only participant and audience member, for example during the s when he created a piece in which he wrote down details of his daily tooth-brushing.

It was this bizarre implication that was so moving.

THE LEGACY OF JACKSON POLLOCK by Stephanie Carlo on Prezi

With the huge canvas placed upon the floor, thus making it difficult for the artist to see the whole or any extended section of “parts,” Pollock could truthfully say that he was “in” his work.

In Britain the Liverpudlian poet and painter Adrian Henri began organising “happenings” in his home town, and in June an audience of 7, was witness to a “Poetry Incarnation” at the Albert Hall.

Even Dada, which purported to be free of such considerations as “composition,” obeyed the Cubist esthetic. In the last kaprwo years the random play of the hand upon the canvas or paper has become increasingly important. We could not avoid seeing that during the last five years of karow life his strength had weakened, and during the last three he had hardly worked at all. The polkock to the “happening” was due in part to the influence of Kaprow’s former teacher, the avant-garde composer John Cage.

Pollock’s canvases, wrote Kaprow, were so huge and all-embracing that “they ceased to become paintings and became environments”, paving the way for a new form of art in which “action” predominated over “painting”. By the mids the term “happening” had entered the hip vocabulary of the time. Not all the roads of this modern art lead to ideas of finality. Strokes, smears, lines, dots became less and less.


Pollock’s choice of enormous canvases served many purposes, chief of which for our discussion is that his mural-scale paintings ceased to become paintings and became environments. This installation, which consisted of two furnished rooms that could be rearranged by visitors, inspired a number of older legac attending the show to indulge in some housework.

Explosion! The Legacy of Jackson Pollock | Abstract Critical

They will discover out of ordinary things the meaning of ordinariness. There is, as I said earlier, a certain blindness, a mute belief in everything he does, even up to the end. Army officer who knocked out two Tiger tanks in Germany. What we felt then was genuine enough, but our tribute, if it was that at all, was a limited one.

Kaprow and several other Hoffman students then co-founded the Hansa Gallery in Greenwich Village, where he continued to experiment with increasingly wild and three-dimensional paintings, whilst studying musical composition under Cage at the New School for Social Research in Manhattan.

Later jacksoj week A Bigger Splash: If so, it is an exceedingly important step and in its superior way offers a solution to the complaints of those who would have us put a bit of life into art.

Kaprow had divided the space into three rooms with clear plastic walls. Under Hoffman’s tutelage Kaprow began to develop an expressive style of action painting, based on real landscapes and figures, which was to be a precursor to his “happenings”. He was encouraged in this by the Surrealist painters and poets, but next to his their work is consistently “artful,” “arranged,” and full of finesse— aspects of outer control and training.

But there was another, morbid, side to his meaningfulness. To “die at the top” for being his kind of modern artist was to many, I think, implicit in the work before he died.

The first “happening”, however, is generally attributed to Kaprow, who in staged 18 Happenings in 6 Parts, at the Reuben Gallery in New York. In retrospect, most of the Surrealist painters appear to have derived from a psychology book or from each other: