The foundation of the AL-QADIM campaign is the. AD&D 2nd Edition game, spiced with Arabian flavor. Like Scheherazade’s tales, the AL-QADIM campaign. Al-Qadim (literally, “The Old” in Arabic) is an Arabian Nights-themed campaign setting for the Dungeons& Dragons role-playing game. Al-Qadim is set in the land. Al-Qadim is an Arabian style campaign setting for Dungeons .. Adventures, Al- Qadim was not updated for 3e/e in any significant way.

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Stating that “SSI has taken a decisive step away from” products like Ravenloft and Dark Sunshe reported that it was “not a standard role-playing game and it is not a standard adventure game.

Retrieved from ” https: Joystick, Mouse and Keyboard supported.

Al-Qadim Prestige Class : Barber

Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention. The game was released in on GOG. Archived from the original on August 26, If the character is injured, he can restore his hit points by drinking healing potions or be magically healed when he visits special locations. There is no race, class or skill selection, and play begins immediately.

A barber of this level or higher may use the spell suggestion as a spell-like ability. Is there a specific book or reference you guys are using to get the flavor? The teachings of enlightenment may be the foundation of Zakharan culture, but they do so by attributing at least part of their holiness to the gods.


So, of course, you’re wondering just what the hell is up with that. Views Read Edit View history.

The Ten Thousand Gods Temple takes the polytheistic inclinations of the Zakharans to the extreme; they worship ALL gods, interchangeably and commmunally. The first Al-Qadim product, Arabian Adventureswas released in Retrieved from ” https: The game combines role-playing game and adventure with a simplified interface; zl-qadim player’s character is a young corsair trying to clear his al-qadom name, rescue his betrothed and determine who has been freeing genies from their masters.

Dark Sun Dark Sun: It expands upon the city’s history and layout, talks about the character of its residents, expands upon daily life and culture, depicts notable figures, includes an examination of how to base a campaign out of Huzuz, and features a bestiary with a number of uniquely Zakharan monsters.

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Hengst and main tester Volker Weitz described its difficulty as low, 3.5 gave it an overall rating of 74 percent.

5E [5e] QL’s Al-Qadim Game

PC Gamer UK 8: Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: QuickleafRedthistle laughed with this post. This page was last modified on 24 Septemberat Experience the mysterious new AL-QADIM game world and prepare for fast, real-time action, arcade-style combat and heart-pounding rol-playing – all in the style of the Arabian Nights!

This bonus increases at every additional barber level. Their starting point is Tajar, City of Trade, where they will rendevouz with the brave and wise Sheikh Ali al-Hadd to organize their caravan into the burning sands Though the jann are tempestuous and unwelcoming of trespassers, they trade with other enlightened tribes and have sworn fealty to the Grand Caliph, sending a delegate each year with rare and wondrous tribute.


Developer Cyberlore hired a team to create The Genie’s Curse shortly after the company was founded inand it took the company fourteen months to develop the game. The Complete Sha’ir’s Handbook is an expansion of rules, kits and other materials for Al-Qadim’s native wizard variants. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Thus, paralysis from a potent tonic poison lasts for 3d6 minutes and unconsciousness lasts for 2d3 hours, instead of the normal 2d6 minutes or 1d3 hours, respectively.

Al-Qadim – The Genie’s Curse (PC 3.5″)

The people of Zakhara speak and write a common language called Midani represented by Arabic. Shannon Appelcline commented on Al-Qadim’s release as “an Arabic setting that ended up placed in the southern Forgotten Realms. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: After all, who would be in a better position to slice the throat of a noble or merchant than the person shaving him?

We’re a chatty group. And yes, our Sorceress and Thursday, 22nd January, A guide to converting playing Al Qadim in 3.