Aethra, the Aethra logo and Vega X3 are registered trademarks of Aethra SpA in Italy and in other Countries. All other company and product names may be. The information contained in this document is the property of Aethra SpA., it is Vega® X3 is a very high-performance system at the cutting-edge of set-top. View and Download Aethra Vega X3 use and installation manual online. Aethra Vega X3 Webcams: User Guide. Vega X3 Conference System pdf manual.

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Settings Installation From here, the default System configuration can be reloaded. The following illustration shows this part of the menu. From here you can access the following submenus: Volume for Ringing and Sound.

The range of selection is depicted in the following image. By selecting this option, an internal system test is carried out. Go back to previous slide. The last position of the Main camera, in case of stand-by of the set top, will be memorized for being restored to wake up again.

IP configuration From the Home Page select: Graphics relating to system management will appear on the right, while remote video or XGA appears on the left.

If the problem persists, contact the Aethra Help Desk. ISDN network interface option In this section you can: Network Settings Network settings-IP: The full range of functions, however, can only be used after several activations with one licence key for each. This page has been designed to use Quick Time, which must have been previously installed to aethga the video stream.

  DIN 16868 PDF

Vega X3 Video Conferencing System from Aethra

Master or Slave Cascade Role. Customize Each user interface can be enabled or disabled i. Country; Video Standard; Cameras Frequency.

It is highly recommended to select the check box. Audio Audio You can access the following submenus: Do Not Disturb selected, at the start-up and after each disconnection system will not accept incoming calls, an icon will be displayed in the local terminal. Show active speaker video flow.

Aethra Vega X3 Video Conferencing Camera Unit | eBay

Connect an Ethernet cable to the System connector and to the network interface card of your From the home page, navigate through the following menus If the chosen bandwidth is too high, the dial-in does not work. You may also synchronize audio and video.

Video packets are encoded in H. Full-duplex audio with echo cancellation. You will be prompted for a password. The following screenshots demonstrate the plethora of further possiblities to conrtol the system audio, video, net, connection status, hardware.

Set the number of allowed line errors before video is frozen: Put in the numerical code for the device that is to be controlled 01 to The icon will appear in the video window indicating that the remote terminal is no longer receiving video from local terminal.


To ensure correct system operation, following parameters should be set: The program creates an automatic connection between the System and the PC. This parameter contains the IP address for the stream. Connecting a personal computer The System can be connected to a personal computer either directly or via a network LAN in order to update software, change remote settings or perform diagnostic tests.

You can access the following submenus: The complete network path connecting two IP terminals must have a constant available sethra for the whole duration of the connection. To complete the video call, please follow these steps: For each interface, it is possible to set some parameters. These limits can be different in transmission and reception, a very useful function on ADSL networks.

Check that the System is switched on.

Aethra Vega X3 Use And Installation Manual

eathra Slides Storage The presentation can be managed using the remote control arrows or using the icons that appear in the lower area of the screen. Don’t have an account? Data Conference With Microsoft Netmeeting 3. You can access three menus: Page 65 Viewing methods Viewing with a plug-in The integrated Web Server provides the simplest method.