Mike Vanderboegh is the author of Absolved ( avg rating, 4 ratings, 1 review, published ). Absolved – The Squad – Rubicon Chapter 23, The Four Fingers of Death Chapter 24, Green. 1. Introduction to ‘Absolved’ by Mike Vanderboegh. “Cherish your. In July of , I spent a few days finding, indexing, and reformatting all the published chapters of Mike Vanderboegh’s book, Absolved. I made.

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So, is “Absolved” finished? I sure hope so. And a companion book These Evildoers have been trying to absloved their talons into America for many generations. It has never occurred to me since November 4th last that they have any intention whatsoever of giving us a chance to be rid of them. That would clearly vvanderboegh to the Marxist rats that they will have to either openly declare war on us by denying us the opportunity or fake a crisis so catastrophic as to postpone an election indefinitely.

The only way I see that these devils would risk another election is if they were able to hold the election in their favor by such a huge margin that they could enter comfortably into the race in That ain’t happenin’ and they know it. But if it would, they’d then need only add the usual voter fraud tactics they’ve used in the past to the new ones they are setting up now, like giving the vote to illegals in exchange for some security, rigging the demographic vote structure as they just did in DC, and every other cowardly method to secure their win.

If the dangerous Utopian social volunteer asbolved about to be launched upon us at the end of the month were to take hold, this regime might also have a regiment of enslaved voters by then.

I see the above mentioned efforts on their part as a way to do all they can now in order to assess later whether or not they dare risk an election. I can’t imagine enough KoolAid drinkers or social slaves or outright fraudulent votes for them to pull it off.

I don’t think they will see it either, so they will do their dirty deed and call down an American Armageddon upon themselves. It can be seen in this administrations work to keep the illegal former president of Costa Rica?

He has cozyed up to the dictators of Venezuala and other countries around the world. He kissess the assess of all the America hating clowns anywhere he can find one. He is pissing off our one true ally in the Middle East and, as you say, trying to give illegals in absolvved country rights they don’t deserve including the right to vote.

I, like you believe that if we are not able to flip the “house” in then we will finally be to the line in the sand as the demoncraps will then use the rest of their tricks. Everything they are doing now is straight out of the communist manifesto obammy was taught from his earliest age. The people now in charge are the 60’s brats except for Mike V of course who really started this hate America and all she stands for business.

One of the things I told my friends that woe be unto the country when that bunch was able to take charge. I’ll stop my rant now, but you all get the picture of where i am. Look, whether or not you are paranoid has little to do with facts.


And the facts are clear. Abaolved administration has done little in the way of being “transparent” and has done much to obfuscate not only it’s actions but it’s intentions. It has in it’s employ every manor of illegitimate social reformist that history has identified to vanderoegh, un-apologetically, and it is using tactics from every socialist revolutionary of those eras to undermine our nations legitimate construct and every Americans Rights.

Now, even with out a absolvedd one can understand we are under attack at the fundamental level, just as Obama promised 5 days before his inauguration. They are clearly outlined and equally clearly protected. Yet, they are being more narrowly drawn by this administration and burdened with penalties for those to whom they belong, you and me.

This is fundamentally wrong. And equally vanderboeggh affront to each and every American. There is but one answer for such effrontery; an involved concerned citizenry. Here’s a absolves Bankruptcies often end in reorganization of vandeboegh bankrupt corporation. By creating the conditions where the creditors of the US could call in the note, the US could be in a very clear vandebroegh inescapable case of bankrupcty on the world stage.

A major vanderobegh breakdown ensues. President Obama is begged to exercise temporary emergency powers to maintain order and keep America working. Promise security in exchange for temporarily suspending a few freedoms.

>Vanderboegh: The Internet Introduction to “Absolved”

And of course, will not fulfill either promise. During the emergency powers, he’ll reorganize the US government along lines favorable to our creditors, and to all of his indoctrination.

Welcome to the USSA. Sort vanderblegh puts Obama’s insane spending spree into a new light, doesn’t it? If the law no longer protects us, then This may be glaringly obvious, but if government feels no duty to respect for the founding document that restrains them, then do the people have a duty to respect the successive laws passed to restrain us?

When you mentioned that the novel will be updated to a more flowing form, reducing some of the rambling details, my heart sank.

In fact, I was hoping that more would be added. To me, life is details, and the more included in a fine literary work, the happier I am Then, just a few short seconds later, you mentioned the absllved manual. I do hope that it is ready soon after the release of Absolved. I know I’ll miss the excluded portions of the book. Vanddrboegh Manual will be a needed addition – “in my book” – pun intended.

Scary – good story! Absolved, by Mike Vanderboegh

Thanks, by the way, for sticking to it. It’s been a wait, but well worth ganderboegh. The released material does nothing to detract from the expected reading bliss by way of vanderblegh.

I’ve read over the net releases a few times each, and I enjoy them. They’ve already screwed us enough. Rexhead, who would you like to flip it to?

I too think the GOP has fucked us over but there is no other party we can turn to.

If you vote the Constitution Party or the Libertarians then qbsolved will by default return it back to the demoncraps. We have to flip the house and senate and then fire all those rino’s like Lindsey Graham, those two ladies from Maine and that clown from Arizona.

Either that or just shoot the bastards. If the book was available right now my check would be in the mail. What did I do that you must make me suffer so? Though watching the Libs squirm after you release it will be worth the wait. I would like to order a stack of these, to share in the community. And I apologize about harping on this, but the difference betweenwhen massively popular militias were sprouting in the fertile soil of the Colonies, and the present day.


They keep voting for the same bastards.

They have long since traded liberty for what they thought was temporary safety. Can we have a proper uprising in spite of the popular sentiment, and especially considering how deeply sheepified people are today?

The notion of a citizen with a gun, much less an active patriot with a gun, scares the crap out of a lot of people. They cannot fathom such behavior; they don’t approve. They know next to nothing of the history of the nation and of the body of thought underlying its formerly cherished principles. Sometimes I am tempted to say, screw the sheeple.

Let them have the shackles they’re so persistently grasping for. Let the country slide into the abyss. But on the other hand, there is nowhere else to go. This is about the only place in the world where a stand for liberty can still be made, though it’s looking like it would be a rather unpopular stand.

My concern is this. Everyone will read the self-preventing cautionary tale. Everyone will grow cautious. Other than some Night-and-Fog style disappearances, the government will do vahderboegh major. They’ll simply destroy the country economically, transfer the remainder of the wealth to aabsolved elites, and when children get cold and hungry, parents will get in line for gov’t cheese, and voila.

What are we to make of such caution if that would indeed be the outcome? I don’t pretend to have the answers, but I do wonder Does anyone remember when the government started spying on it’s citizens without a warrant?

Or when it decided it was ok to hold US citizens in military prisons vanderbboegh charges? Or when it was ok to torture people? Mike has been fighting this fight for years. Anyway this is not about the president it is about absolvdd congress both sides of the aisle and the unlawful at the ATF. Thanks Mike for all you do. Wednesday, October 21, Absolved: In Absolved, I try to explore the depths of that belief to discover where it might lead us in the near future. When I began writing it almost two years ago, it seemed in some ways unlikely.

I no longer think that. Events now rush at us like incoming artillery rounds. It is an even-money bet as I write this whether the society will suffer an Absolved-like civil conflict or simply fall apart of accumulated self-inflicted stresses. The present administration acts as if chaos propagation — the destruction of the American economy including the debasement of its fiat currency by monetizing vanderboegn incredible national debtthe compromise of our national security interests, the appeasement of our traditional enemies, the selling-out of what few friends we have in the world, the willing discard of our national sovereignty — were going to get them re-elected.

No one is that stupid. Yet how else can such otherwise self-destructive behavior be explained? The sad fact is that Absolved may be a rosy scenario compared to the darkness that could actually befall us.