Some applicants are ineligible to receive a U.S. visa under INA section (g) due to failure to provide some information or document(s), or some further. Administrative Processing – (g) is given in this category when visa officer wants with a white form stating that we are suspending your case under (g) of. Immediately After Getting (g) It is good to ask as the officer as soon as the or a supporting documents submission form immediately rather than through mail .. me g white slip of administration processing till now my visa status is in .

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A lady took my interview and gave a white g form and asked me to submit additional information she took my passport. Any guidance on your part would be highly appreciated.

Also in cases where the case is waiting for additional information or documentation the legal team might be able to provide that to the processing agency.

It is difficult to say the exact time buy recent cases I have come to know have been faster in processing, all the very best.

Your visa forj is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. Some companies allow unpaid leave that way you can buy some time till the g comes to a conclusion.


Next Steps

If you have client, whife inform them and keep them updated. Hi, this is Karan Madaan and i got a refusal letter of g mentioning that some additional documentation is required and upon submission of these documents my case will be reviewed.

They mention to the candidate that everything is fine with their application but the consulate needs more time to process the application. Instead people answering your question they ask more fprm to get more info from you and ultimately they donot help you. You are required to submit your passports at the nearest Visa Application Center, in order to proceed ahead with the case.

Thanks for the info. October 2, at 7: They will manually verify your H1 and she will get the visa within a week or so. Can petitioner or Employee withdraw the application while it is under administrative processing?

Visa status date changed to 15 fev in ceac website. Usually this will lead to expediting the case to resolve in 60 days. I have attended for my H1b interview in April and I received g at New Delhi consulate and asked me to submit my USA Master transcripts and few college documents and college flight tickets ,internship agreements my pay stubs etc.


Not sure about K1 visa and g, only familiar with g in H1B cases. Please let me know the process to back my passport?


Please shear your experience. The following could be the next series of steps to be taken in no particular order depending 212g your individual case.

I checked online and his visa is still under Administative Processing. We just got updated with status as “issued”. Fingerprints checkbox was checked 2. I submitted documents on 09dec If the case has taken more wbite three months more than 60 working days and the case still shows pending administrative processing on the DOS website shoot an email to the embassy to inquire about the status of the case.

Next Steps | All About g

Posted November 10, He looked at the I, I stuff and then asked for my CV. The representatives office will ask you to sign a waiver to find information for you.

CO handed me the g white slip with administration processing required. April 27, at 2: I would appreciate any information,thank you for this report. At present, your application must be suspended under section g of the immigration and nationality Act.

Returned petition is sent to the local USCIS service center where the petition was originally filed and approved.