Just align your optic on the black dot and bore sight on the gray dot. UPDATE 2: It may go without saying but this target can also be used to. Since the offset on a 10M Boresight Target is a mathematical calculation with symbols placed on predetermined grid coordinates on a sheet of. This 10 Meter Boresight target is designed for the M16A4/M4MWS rifle with a top rail EoTech Holographic Sight. Target includes diagrams for Laser Bore.

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The boresight target and zeroing mark must be kept stable during the boresight procedure. Figure shows the current borelight training program. Keep weapon muzzles pointed downward when traveling on aircraft. Even though night vision devices greatly enhance the soldier’s ability to acquire a target at night, increased awareness of target detection must be trained to allow the solider to key in on the visual cues of infrared imagery. Voice communications may come directly from your leader to you or they may be passed from Soldier-to-Soldier.

Place the zeroing mark approximately 10 meters from the end of the barrel so that the visible laser strikes the zeroing mark. The similarities between the 10 and 25 meter offsets are: Place your trigger finger outside the trigger well, and the thumb of your firing hand on the selector lever. TryHard February 26, at Qualification with the BIS is conducted on a standard record fire range, and the standards for qualification are the same as the record fire day standards.

For Walkthrough Wednesday, we are continuing our discussion on how to zero the M4A1 Carbine and coach our Paratroopers through the zero process. A stoppage is a failure of an automatic or semiautomatic firearm to complete the cycle of operation. Do not turn the adjustment screws too much or they will break.

However, everyone in the unit must know and understand the SOP for it to work. When you fire the first, let the shot move the weapon in its natural arc and do not fight the recoil.


FM Chapter 8 Advanced Optics, Lasers, And Iron Sights (Phase V of

Shots in this area maximize 1m0 hydrostatic shock of the round. This method is prearranged fire; your leader tells you to start firing once the enemy reaches a certain point or terrain feature.

Slow Aimed Fire—This technique is the slowest but most accurate.

Both the narrow and wide field of views must be boresighted and zeroed. Length — 15 feet Width — 12 feet Height — 7 feet.

20 Pack – M16A4/M4MWS with EoTech Holo Sight – 10m Boresight Target – VSS Store

Commanders should targft these training strategies and abide by the qualification standards set forth to the best of their abilities. The taeget accurately you boresight the M68 to your weapon, the closer it will be to a battlesight zero.

The TWS is a large device; therefore, selecting a position that allows for good fields of view but at the same time does not silhouette the soldier and his equipment might be a challenge. Range selection is dependent on the anticipated engagement biresight.

A heavy barrelrecoil operated, air-cooled, crew-served, and transportable fully automatic weapon with adjustable headspace Figure Thermal cues become much more obvious on a moving object than on an object standing still.

It can be mounted on a bipod, tripod, aircraft, or vehicle. Using the adjusters on the borelight, move the visible laser to the reference point. The firing side foot is slightly staggered to the rear of the nonfiring side foot. This fundamental of marksmanship does not change during boresifht firing.

Failure to follow this warning could reveal your position to the enemy. Both the AT4 CS-HP and CS-RS consist of shock resistant, fiberglass-reinforced launching tubes fitted with firing mechanisms, popup sights, carrying slings, protective covers, and bumpers.

What is a Bore Sight Offset?

Lay the weapon on the rucksacks and then lay another rucksack on top of the weapon to stabilize it. Align the meter boresight target with the visible laser of the borelight. Its fire-and-forget guidance mode enables gunners to fire and then immediately take cover. Generally, weapons remain on safe until ready to fire.


20 Pack – M16A4/M4MWS with EoTech Holo Sight – 10m Boresight Target

With your nonfiring hand, grasp the handguards toward the front sling swivel. After the soldier has mastered the art of scanning he will find that targets are more easily detected by acknowledging the flicker or the movement of a target.

To apply the corrective steps for remedial action, first try to place the weapon on SAFE, then remove the magazine, lock the bolt to the rear, and place the weapon on safe. This technique is best suited for the lineup outside of a building, room, or bunker entrance. It amplifies reflected light such as moonlight, starlight, and sky glow so that the viewed scene becomes clearly voresight to the operator. It fires a mm grenade Figure 110m The art boresigjt target detection at night is as good as the soldier practices.

Other procedures are the same as standard iron sight procedures. Have the firer get behind the weapon in a stable supported targeet position looking through the M The borelight assists the first shot group hitting the m zeroing target … This picture illustrates the meter offset for the M68 CCO. The M16A4 is identical to the M16A3, except for the removable carrying handle mounted on a picatinny rail.

Take extra care to correctly handle the pistol, especially the M9 with its double action fire from the hammer down feature.

This rifle enables a Soldier operating in close quarters to engage targets at extended ranges with accurate, lethal fire. You should be able to fire six rounds two three-round bursts in the same time it takes to fire a controlled pair.